Mehmetcik powers past Ferreira

Favored player found his rhythm late

Sarajevo,  Bosnia  &  Hercegovina:  Berk  Mehmetcik  (TNC),  formerly  a „dark  horse“  but  nowadays  one  of  the  favored  players,  just  defeated  Kevin Ferreira (LUX) with 100:64.
Mehmetcik  was  definitely  favored.  Ferreira  gave him a tough fight  in the early  stage of the match and did not  allow Mehmetcik  to  get  away.  When the  score  was 53:45  for  Mehmetcik,  he carried  the ball  and  made  his high run of  the  match  with 27 points in  order to get  an 80:45  lead  over  Ferreira.  The  defense  line  of  the youngster  from  Luxembourg seemed  to  be broken.  He could not get back into action and fell to the sharp blade of  the  shooter  from  North  Cyprus  with  100:64.  It  took Mehmetcik  16  innings  to  oust  bis   opponent  from   the round of the last 32 players in junior’s straight pool.


Berk Mehmetcik (TNC)

Other  notable  results  include  Daniel  Schneider (SUI)  continuing  his  quest  for  glory  with  a  victory  over Haris  Amini  (NOR),  100:42.  Earlier,  Krystian  Cwikla (POL)  managed  to  defeat  the  defending  Champion  in  the  pupil’s   division, Raphael  Wahl  (GER)  with  75:39.  Daniel  Guttenberger  (AUT)  remained victorious   over  Sandro  Kupper  (SUI)  with  75:20.  The  pupils  are  still  in  the double  elimination stage of  their 14/1 tournament while the juniors  are already in the single elimination.
The  event  is  hosted  by  the  European  Governing  Body  for  Pool,  the European  Pocket  Billiard  Federation  (EPBF)  and  organized  by  International Billiard Promotion (IBP).  For further information and reference please go to the federation website or contact our press office.