Van Lierop takes the Gold Medal in pupil’s 9-ball

Amazing comeback from the young Dutch

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Hercegovina:  In the final match of the pupils’s  9-ball competition,  Jan van Lierop (NED)  won the Gold Medal with a 7:5 victory  over Raphael Wahl (GER). Wahl  was  probably  the  player  in  this final that  most people saw as the favorite. He was last year’s  straight pool champion and he has  also  won  a  Bronze  Medal  in  the  9-ball last  year.  Van  Lierop  was  still  an  unknown quantity.  The  match  started  as  expected. Wahl  took  the  first  two  racks.  Then,  van Lierop was  about  to win  the  3rd  rack  but  he scratched  when he  pocketed the 9-ball.  That gave  Wahl  a  comfortable  3:0  lead.  But  instead  of  suffering  from that  mishap, van  Lierop  even  seemed  to  come  out  stronger  from it.  He  took  the  next  five consecutive racks and suddenly  lead the match with 5:3. That roll really  turned the  tide  in  that  match.  Wahl  started  to  struggle  and  committed  unnecessary mistakes.  He got a rack back from  van Lierop at  4:5 but then he missed again and  allowed van Lierop to  take a 6:4  lead.  In rack number  eleven,  van Lierop already  had  the  chance  to  win  his  first  title  but  he  came  up  with  a  bad  shot selection  when  he  lined  up  for  a  combination  shot  6-ball  on  the  8-ball.  He missed that shot and again, Wahl narrowed the gap between them  to one point only,  trailing 5:6. The  12th  rack  brought  the decision.  Van Lierop turned out  to play the better safety  shots  and consequently win the rack, taking the title match with 7:5.

Jan van Lierop (NED)

Jan van Lierop (NED)

In  the  girl’s  division,  Kateryna  Polovinchuk  (UKR)  made  short  work  with her  opponent  Sabrina  Hammer (GER),  defeating her 6:3.  It  almost  looked like Hammer would receive a whitewash when she was trailing 0:5 to Polovinchuk. But  then the  Ukrainian was not  able to  close the book  on  the match.  Hammer came back  and took three racks  before  Polovinchuk  was able  to take the final rack she needed for the title in the girl’s division, winning 6:3.
In the junior’s division, Andrey  Seroshtan (RUS) won the Gold Medal over Daniel Schneider (SUI) with 8:2. Schneider could not continue to perform at  the same  level  as  in  the  semi-final  against  Muratovic.  Seroshtan  appeared  to  be more focussed and took a start-to-finish victory home to Russia.


The event will continue with the quarter-finals in the team divisions.

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