2014 Longoni Benelux Open in four weeks!

2014 Longoni Benelux Open

Kick off in exactly four weeks from now

Friday August 15th, Thurston Rotterdam will open its doors for the 6th edition of the Longoni Benelux Open, with the annual €10.000 guaranteed prize fund.

Participants from all over Europe will venture to Rotterdam for a spectacular long weekend of 10ball. No less than six world champions will show their skills on the baize: freshly crowned Niels ‘The Terminator’ Feijen, Hall-of-Famer ‘The Kaiser’ Ralf Souquet, Daryl Peach, Karl Boyes, Stephan Cohen, Huidji See and who knows which ‘big guns’ will still show up.

The event offers something for everybody, pros, advanced amateurs and beginners. Better yet, this is your chance to play against a pro. Every participant can re-enlist, should he or she be eliminated from a qualification round. There is prize money for the pros and even a bonus for the best lady and the best junior of the event. Since there are already 17 ladies on the entry list, we have decided to organise the Ladies Side Event.

Apart from the event itself, world port Rotterdam offers plenty of waterfront sightseeing, good food, terraces, shopping and a vibrant nightlife. So, make a city trip to Rotterdam for the 2014 Longoni Benelux Open. It’s a win/ win situation.

You might have enlisted, already, but if you haven’t, this is what you need to know:

((( Qualification Belgium* )))
Sunday July 27th, Group A at 11.00 am, Thurston Wilrijk, Antwerp.

((( Qualification Rotterdam* )))

Friday August 15th, 11.00 Group B | 15.00 Group C | 19.00 Group D

Saturday August 16th, 11.00 Group E | 15.00 Group F | 19.00 Group G

((( Final 32 & Ladies Side Event )))
Sunday August 17th, the Final 32 at 9.00 am, the Ladies Side Event at noon.

* Check in with the tournament organization ultimately 30 minutes before the start of your qualification group, to pay your entry fee and to be taken up in the draw!

((( Enlist via )))

Additional info on facebook: 2014 Longoni Benelux Open

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