All doping tests cleared

All doping tests cleared

Pressrelease from the European Pocket Billiard Federation



The EPBF has organized 10 doping tests throughout the Dynamic Billard European Championships for youth, the Dynamic Billard European Championships for seniors and ladies and the Dynamic Billard Slovenian Open in Portoroz, Slovenia.

10 players were randomly selected and had to undergo the procedure as determined by WADA (World Anti Doping Association). The tests were conducted by SLOADO, the Slovenian Anti-Doping Organization.


Right after their matches, players were escorted by „chaperones“ to the testing facilities. There they had to answer a lot of questions and deliver a urine sample for examination.

All samples were then mailed to a WADA acknowledged laboratory in Vienna, Austria. After a few weeks, the results were emailed to EPBF.

The EPBF is happy to announce that all doping samples prove to be negative. All athletes were evidently clear of any prohibited substance according to the current WADA code.

This is a good result and reflects positively on our sport.