WPBL Release Official Rules


January 12, 2013, Las Vegas, Nevada

The World Professional Billiard League has finalized and released the official rules that will be used in the inaugural 2013 Bonus Ball season. Development of the rules was a culmination of input from the top international players, including world champions and hall of famers.

The game of Bonus Ball has undergone numerous changes since its inception, most notably at recent WPBL training camps. The final rulebook has taken both fans and players into consideration, simplifying the rules while making the game more challenging to play.

Minnesota Outlaw Captain Thorsten Hohmann who was significantly involved in the refinement of the rules stated “Quite honestly speaking, at first the rules of Bonus Ball seem a bit overwhelming, because a lot of it is very new to the pool world. Three pockets for each player, the sequence, target and continuation shots, and the break and shoot, but once you play a few games it starts to make sense. Every rule has a reason for existence. It’s actually a very well thought out game. The possibilities are countless. We will see a lot of creativity, suspense and emotions during the season and I can’t wait to see the WPBL in full motion!”

Larry Chiborak President and CEO of the WPBL originally created Bonus Ball in Canada, where the game was primarily played until recent years.  Chiborak said “We have taken a lot of time perfecting this game, the evolution of Bonus Ball has been in the works for 20 years and with the creation of the WPBL, it will now be exposed to an international audience.”

The official rules page is now posted on the WPBL website and can be found at: http://wpbl.tv/rules.php.

Please continue to follow the league for updates and announcements:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wpbltv

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WPBLtv

WPBL Rules


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