Feijen creamed Alcaide

Koshovyi sends „The Maharaja“ to the loser’s side

Portoroz,  Slovenia:  Niels  Feijen  (NED)  just  outscored  David  Alcaide (ESP) with 8:3. The start  was a bit  rough for Feijen since his  break shot did not  work too well for him. But he

Niels Feijen (NED)
Niels Feijen (NED)

still got his  chances and used them so Alcaide could not get away. After four racks, the match was even at 2:2. Feijen left a better impression though. He was  constant  in  his  position  play  and  shot-making.  Alcaide  had  gathered  his  points  by sometimes  fixing  position  errors  which showed  that  he  was   not  too  happy  with  his game.  At  3:3,  Feijen  shifted  into  overdrive and  did  not  commit  any  mistakes  anymore. Alcaide  could  not  keep  up  with  Feijen  and had  to give  in,  accepting  an 8:3  victory  for Feijen.  Since that  was the  winner’s qualification round, Alcaide  will get  another  chance  to join  Feijen in the  single elimination round of the final 64 players.
Other notable results include Artem  Koshovyi (UKR)  winning quite clearly with 8:4 over „The Maharaja“ Imran Majid (GBR).
In the women’s  division,  young Kristina Zlateva (BUL) was able to win her match over Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR) with 6:4. The same result was  good for Melissa Rademakers (NED) in her contest with Vania Franco(POR). In the wheelchair division, Emil Schranz  (AUT) had to accept  a painful 1:5 hammering against Tankred „Tai“ Volkmer (GER).
The  event  is  hosted  by  the  European  Governing  Body  for  Pool,  the European  Pocket  Billiard  Federation  (EPBF)  and  organized  by  International Billiard Promotion (IBP).  For further information and reference please go to the federation website  www.epconline.eu or contact our press office.

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