Happy end for Michel

Early mistakes were not punished

Portoroz,  Slovenia:  After  having  a  rough  start,  Jasmin  Michel  (GER) managed to take the victory over Ine Helvik (NOR) with 7:4. The  start  of  the  match  is  probably  something

Jasmin Michel (GER)
Jasmin Michel (GER)

that  Michel  would  like  to forget  as  soon  as  possible.  She  was  on  the  9-ball  in  the  first  two  racks  and committed a foul each time, trailing 0:2 instead of leading 2:0. That was a tough one  for  Michel  to  accept  and  she  needed  to get  over  this  really  quick.  Her  opponent Helvik  is  known  to  be  very  experienced  and she  definitely  knows  how  to  take  advantage of  a  situation  like  this.  But  Michel  did everything to get concentrated and got  a foot back in the door, winning three out of the next four  racks  to  tie  the  match  at  3:3.  Then suddenly  it  was  Helvik  to  feel  the  pressure. She started missing more shots as  usual and allowed Michel to surpass her. Michel grew in that  situation and made the racks
needed in order to win the match 7:4. It was  the winner’s qualification round in 9-ball and Michel claimed her spot in the round of the final 32 players. This was very  important  for Team Germany  who has  not  yet  won  anything  in this year’s Dynamic Billard European Championship.
Other  notable results from today  include Caroline  Roos  (SWE)  creaming Marika Poikkijoki (FIN) with 7:2. Ina Kaplan (GER) joins her teammate Michel in the round of the final 32 with a 7:5 triumph over Vania Franco (POR).
The  event  is  hosted  by  the  European  Governing  Body  for  Pool,  the European  Pocket  Billiard  Federation  (EPBF)  and  organized  by  International Billiard Promotion (IBP).  For further information and reference please go to the federation website  www.epconline.eu or contact our press office.

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