No challenge for Euro-Tour’s Nr.1

Ouschan teaches a lesson to Wrobel

St.  Johann,  Austria:   In  his  first  match  of  the  Dynamic  Billard  Austrian Open  2013,  Nr.  1  ranked  player  Albin  Ouschan  (AUT)  outclasses   Krzysztof Wrobel (POL) with 9:1.
In  Formula  One,  this  would  have  counted  as   a „start-to-finish“  victory.  Ouschan  dominated  the  match from the very  beginning.  He did  not  even have to  come up with his A-game. After  ten racks,  the clear result  was 9:1  to  the  Austrian  local  hero.  The  key  to  success  for Ouschan’s victory  was  obviously  his break shot  and the way  he controlled  his nerves  at  the table.  While Wrobel seemed to struggle with that, Ouschan played as  cold as ice.  He  succeeded  to  pocket  balls  in  80%  of  his  break shots  while Wrobel only scored 40% there. One could tell the  difference  in  experience  between  the  two contestants.  In  his  next  match  on  the  winner’s  side, Ouschan  will  take  on  Marek  Kudlik,  a  teammate  of

Albin Ouschan (AUT)
Albin Ouschan (AUT)

Other  notable  results   from  the  first  rounds   include  Babken  Melkonyan (ROM)  defeating  Hanni  Al-Howri  (UAE)  with  9:6.  Christian  Reimering  (GER) took  his  first  match  with  9:5  over  Christopher  Koba  (SWE).  After  an  intense battle,  Berk  Mehmetcik  (TNC) continues  his  quest  on the winner’s  side having defeated Thomas Knittel (AUT) with 9:8.
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The  event  is  hosted  by  the  European  Governing  Body  for  Pool,  the European  Pocket  Billiard  Federation  (EPBF)  and  organized  by  International Billiard Promotion (IBP).  For further information and reference please go to the federation website or contact our press office.

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