Event Report: Deurne City Classic 2013


FINAL WORDS.. written by Martin Sawicki

the 2013 Deurne City Classic 9ball has come to an AWESOMELY SATISFYING CLOSE !

.. a couple of month ago me and Aziz Moussati sat @ Ames and thought.. this joint is awesome for a good tournament, we have to do something about the fact that it doesn’t have it’s own big event and talked to Harry Charalampidis about the possibilities to create something that hasn’t been done in Holland for at least a couple of years now..

So 1st up was the name.. I immediately thought about the Derby City Classic and it’s awesome name, format etc. and came up with the DCC as Ames is in Deurne.
Next up was the format and obviously 9ball was the best choice. Because of the massive amount of space and number of tables we were confident that a multiple side-events option was possible and added a couple of new thing into the tournament scene. The ring-games, 14.1 shoot-out and the losers-tournament.
This turned out to be a good decision as most of you have witnessed..

Deurne City Classic Trophy – Photo: Jimmy Worung

on Saturday we had a great evening with the guys that turned up for the 10-ball ring-games; 14 entries drawn into 2 games with 7 players per table fighting for €140 winner takes all. 1st game was won by a strong playing Pepijn de Wit .. who led the standings from the start. 2nd table was won by Wojtek Szewczyk who in the end shot 4 racks to beat Mateusz Śniegocki after being well down on points…

On Sunday the tournament went pretty well.. we saw people enjoying their stay, having a laugh and playing good pool! That’s what its all about imo.. You were all there so we I don’t have to tell you about the strong field we had.. some of you might think.. what the hell were I doing there?? .. but we thought we’ve compensated that with the Losers-Tournament, which turned out the be a great success as well..!
A couple of big surprises @ DCC, as Karlo Dalmatin and Mateusz Sniegocki lost their 1st round matches.. and even lost the 1-loss side quickly after that.. Mateusz however showed his strong play in the 14.1 Shoot-out by qualifying to the final with a 123 break @ 1st attempt..! And eventually beating Stefan Sprangers in a race to a 150 in 3 turns.. They split the pot 120-40.
But the biggest shocker of them all was a positive one.. as Pascal de Smit ‚THE DARK HORSE‘ played his heart out and beat a couple of big players in the process; Stefan Nolle and Marco Litwak to qualify for the semi’s where he met Marek Derek.. this guy is a close friend and one of my favorite players of the day off course. Marek went through the field like a freight-train.. beating his best friend Kuba Sawicki 7-2, a strong local Roy Gerards 7-5 to qualify for the last 16, there he beat Marco Teutscher with a hill-hill thriller to get to the 1/8 finals, in the 1/4 final he demolished Noel Bruynooge 7-2, and previously mentioned Pascal de Smit gave him a run for his money. Match came to a 5-5 score and Marek eventually shooting 2 straight tables to get a 7-5 victory and on to the Final, where strong favorite Nick van den Berg was waiting after beating German young gun Can Salim.. Nick’s day went smooth as expected, the only player that caused problem was Gijs van Helmond, who kicked Nick to the 1-loss side.. but Nick then made sure he got to the final stages by beating EURO-bronze medalist Ivo Aarts, Lars Kuckherm and then in the 1/8 met with Wojtek Szewczyk. This match was awesome.. Wojtek was trailing 0-4 but fought back to get to the hill first, but after a dry break.. Nick cleaned up and ran a rack to finish the match in style..

The FINAL .. Marek took a 1-0 lead but after a missed 2 in the 2nd rack Nick took the next 4 with some solid break’n runs. After some safety exchange in the next one, Nick went ahead 5-1. Then Nick got a scratch off the break, that put Marek back into the match, he ran the next 2 to get to 5-3. In the next one Marek missed an important shot to get closer.. this widened Nick’s lead to 6-4 and eventually got him the victory after a couple of good shots and some important rolls..

Harry Charalampidis, Nick van den Berg, Marek Derek, Martin Sawicki
Harry Charalampidis, Nick van den Berg, Marek Derek, Martin Sawicki – Photo: Jimmy Worung

All in all it turned out the be one of the highlight of the year when it comes to local tournament in Holland.. it wouldn’t have been possible without the help of some awesome people.. YOU know who you are 😉 so a special thanks goes out to our tournament director: Gino De Ruyter and girlfriend Susan Verheijen, our official photographer and main sponsor Loontjens Biljarts representative Jimmy Worung.

I would also like to thank our other sponsors for their support:

Bavaria • http://www.bavaria.com/
AM Koeriersdienst / Aziz Moussati • +31(0)641473894
SAVICKI Diamonds since 1976 / Kuba Sawicki • http://www.savicki.pl/
v.Lierop Metaalhandel / Johan van Lierop • +31(0)620668220
Biljartkrant de Ballen • http://www.debiljartballen.nl/
DinerTijd Asten • http://www.dinertijd.nl/
JB Fashion Helmond • +31(0)626544556


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