Dutch juniors send team Slovenia home

German also juniors on their way

Sarajevo,  Bosnia  &  Hercegovina:  Team   Netherlands   defeated  team Slovenia in the  junior’s division with 2:1. The  last  round of  today  featured  team’s matches  at  the  Dynamic  Billard EPBF  European  Championships Youth.  While   the   pupils   had   a loser’s round going on,  the juniors had  already  entered  the  single elimination  stage.  There,  team Netherlands  had to deal with team Slovenia.  In  9-ball,  Nathalie Seichter  (NED) tried to  defend the Dutch  colors.  But  she  got  simply overpowered  by  Slovenia’s  Denis
Kragolnik  with  8:3  in  45  minutes. That  turned  the  score  1:0 in  favor of  team  Slovenia.  At  that  time, Guido Janssen (NED) was  leading 5:0  in  8-ball  over  Ana  Gradisnik
(SLO)  and  her  brother  Klemen  Gradisnik  (SLO)  was trailing  25:42  to  Tim  De Ruyter  (NED).  Everything  looked  like  the  decider  would  once  again  be  the straight  pool match. And that  turned  out  to  be  true.  Janssen  easily  won  his 8-ball  over  Ana  Gradisnik  with  7:1.  While  the  team   score  was  tied  at  1:1,  De Ruyter  played a much better straight  pool  than  his  opponent.  He took  Klemen Gradisnik down with a clear result  of  100:39 and brought  the important  second point in the team match home to The Netherlands for a 2:1 victory.

Pupil's team match NED v SLO Left to right: Guido Janssen, Nathalie Seichter, Tim De Ruyter, Denis Kragolnik, Ana Gradisnik and Klemen Gradisnik
Pupil’s team match NED v SLO
Left to right: Guido Janssen, Nathalie Seichter, Tim De Ruyter, Denis Kragolnik, Ana Gradisnik and Klemen Gradisnik

In  the other  junior  team  match,  Germany  had to deal with Belarus.  What looked like a walk in the park turned out  to be a tough fight.  Germany’s  Tobias Bongers   wiped  the  floor  with  Aliaksandr  Hapeyeu  in  8-ball,  handing  him   a doughnut with 7:0. But Hapeyeu’s  teammate Vadim  Papizh evened the score to 1:1, winning his  9-ball over Ricardo Gutjahr with 8:4. Again, the decision had to come  in  the  straight  pool  match.  Nino  Andreuzzi  (GER)  faced  Vladislav  Les (BLR).  Though  Andreuzzi  had  won  two  medals  this   week  already,  he  was trailing to Les with 45:61 at  a certain point  in the match.  But  he recovered and did  not  give  in.  He  overtook  Les  and  even  forced  three  consecutive  fouls  on him,  turning the score to 67:49 in favor of  him.  From  then on,  he  did not  allow Les back to the table and pocketed the 33 balls needed in one inning. Andreuzzi won 100:49 and brought the 2:1 victory to the German junior team.
The Youth  Championships will  continue  tomorrow  morning at  09:00  CET with the start of the 9-ball individuals. You can  follow all  the  action  LIVE  on  20 tables at www.kozoom.com/en/pool-billiard/ .
The  event  is  hosted  by  the  European  Governing  Body  for  Pool,  the European  Pocket  Billiard  Federation  (EPBF)  and  organized  by  International Billiard Promotion (IBP).  For further information and reference please go to the federation website  www.billiardapps.com or contact our press office.

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