Andreuzzi over Ibric like a hurricane

Khodjaeva once again on the loser’s side

Sarajevo,  Bosnia  &  Hercegovina:  With  an  8:0  whitewash,  Nino Andreuzzi (GER) finished Azur Ibric’s (BIH) hopes in the 9-ball competition. The game was 9-ball and the round was the  single  elimination  round  of  the  final  32 junior players. 9-ball is  a short rack game and is   said  to  be  the  fastest  of  all  pool-billiard games.  However,  Andreuzzi took that probably  a  bit  too  literally  in  his   match  with Ibric. He played fluently  and quick, coming to a 5:0 lead after only  23 minutes. The Bosnian definitely  was the underdog in this encounter from   the  very  beginning.  Andreuzzi  had already  taken two medals this week – Bronze in  straight  pool  and  Gold  in  10-ball.  But  still Ibric was playing on his home turf  having the support  of  the  vivacious Bosnian  crowd.  But that did not seem  to impress Andreuzzi at all. He consequently  played his rhythm and punished  Ibric  for his mistakes.  In  the 6th  rack,  Ibric  got  to  the  9-ball  and  had  a  good  chance  to  finally  open  his account and avoid a complete demolition by  Andreuzzi.  However, Ibric dogged the 9-ball and Andreuzzi said thank you, pocketing the 9-ball to get  him  on the hill. That was  the last  time that Ibric was  allowed to the table in that match. The next  rack was another  break-and-run from Andreuzzi and he finished Ibric with 8:0 in a pretty  one-sided face-off. Andreuzzi will continue to play  in the round of the final 16 players  in the 9-ball individuals  while Ibric will have to settle for 17th rank.

Nino Andreuzzi (GER)
Nino Andreuzzi (GER)

Other  notable  results  from  today’s  9-ball  individuals  include  Sabrina Hammer  (GER)  getting  the  better  of  Kamila  Khodjaeva  (BEL)  with  6:5  in  the girl’s  division.  While  Hammer  makes   it  to  the  single  elimination  stage, Khodjaeva  needs another  victory  on  the  loser’s side  where  she will  be facing Russia’s Ksenia Karkavina. In  the  pupil’s  division,  Andreas  Madsen  (DEN)  booked  his  seat  in  the single  elimination  round  with  a  7:2  victory  over  Florian  Zuewert  (GER).  Can Salim-Giasar (GER) powered past Ben Dvash (BUL) with 7:0. Local hero Sanjin Pehlivanovic  (BIH)  defeated  newly  crowned  10-ball  Champion  Daniel Guttenberger  by  a  whisker  with  7:6.  Germany’s  Raphael  Wahl  managed  to achieve the same result  over  Cyriel Ledoux  (NED). All winners will go straight into the  single  elimination  while the  losers will  get  another  chance  on  the left
side of the draw.
Today,  9-ball  individuals  will  be played until 17:00  CET  when all  quarter-finalists are determined. The quarter-finals  will be played tomorrow morning. At 17:00 CET, the team competition continues. You can  follow all  the  action  LIVE  on  20 tables at .

The  event  is  hosted  by  the  European  Governing  Body  for Pool,  the European  Pocket  Billiard  Federation  (EPBF)  and  organized  by  International Billiard Promotion (IBP).  For further information and reference please go to the federation website or contact our press office.