Preview: 2nd Annual 2014 Deurne City Classic

Preview: 2nd Annual 2014 Deurne City Classic

12.03.2014 – Deurne/Netherlands

At this moment in time the Deurne City Classic is the biggest pool events held in The Netherlands. It’s strongly based on the well-known Derby City Classic, one of world’s biggest most visited tournaments. Organized and sponsored by Diamond Billiards Inc. at the Horseshoe Casino and Hotel in Southern Indiana. The Derby hosts world’s biggest one-pocket and bankpool event with more than 800 players visiting every year. A 24/7 greenroom where high-stakes gambling between local players and foreign superstars are being watched on internet live-streams all over the world. Winners of the Derby are mostly BCA Hall-of-Famers or international celebs like Efren Reyes, Grady Matthews, Shannon Daulton, John Brumback, Freddy ‘The Beard’ Bentivegna and recently Shane Van Boening has dominated the entire event.



The Dutch version’s format is inspired by this big phenomenon but there’s more to the history of the event. The venue hosting the event is named after the oldschool pool hustler’s hangout ‘Ames’ where Minnesota Fats in the 1961 movie ‘The Hustler’ plays Fast Eddie Felson in a 25 hour lasting straighpool match.

Greatly inspired by the Derby City Classic and American pool-hustler scene Dutch organizers came up with the Deurne City Classic. The 2nd Annual ‘Predator’ 2014 edition will be held on May 9th through 11th 2014 and will have a guaranteed prize-fund of €10.000,- for the 9ball Main Event.

A field of 192 players will compete for the title previously held by Nick van den Berg. On Friday May 9th this edition will host several side-events like One-Pocket and 9ball Bankpool tournaments, a 14.1 Shootout and multiple ringgames with different stakes. All in all there will be enough to satisfy every pool-players` needs. The field will be stronger than ever this year, with players like; Niels Feijen (World 14.1 Champion), Hall-of-Famer Ralf Souquet, Snooker Celebrity Tony Drago and 2007 World 9 Ball Champion Daryl Peach.

Check our Facebook-event page for all information regarding format and schedules for all events. To enlist please send an email announcing yourself, to

See you there !

Team DCC

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