2014 LONGONI Benelux Open invitation

August 15th – 17th, Rotterdam, Holland
6th Edition | € 10.000 guaranteed prize fund
written by Cakti Aswan

Dear 10ball enthusiast,

Hereby, I would like to invite you to participate in the 2014 Longoni Benelux Open, 6th edition, and once again, with a € 10.000 guaranteed prize fund.

This year, the event will be hosted by Thurston Rotterdam (in Holland): Friday – Sunday, August 15th – 17th 2014. There will also be one preliminary qualification round at Thurston Wilrijk (in Belgium): July Sunday, July 27th 2014.

The world port of Rotterdam welcomes you to a spectacular weekend of 10ball. The city offers sightseeing, lots of nice restaurants and a fun shopping experience. World class pros will attend the Longoni Benelux Open in a battle for the prestigious cup, the fame and the money.

You can enlist for one of the qualification groups, now, and state your preference for a second choice (just in case, your first choice of a qualification group is already full).

((( Preliminary Qualification Group in Wilrijk, Belgium )))
Sunday July 27th | 11:00 Group A
At Thurston, Jules Moretuslei 179, 2610 Wilrijk, Belgium

((( Qualification Groups in Rotterdam, Holland )))
Friday August 15th | 11:00 Group B | 15:00 Group C | 19:00 Group D
Saturday August 16th | 11:00 Group E | 15:00 Group F | 19:00 Group G
At Thurston, Westersingel 20, 3014GP Rotterdam, Holland

((( Format per Group )))
– Upto 20 participants – ‚Round Robin‘ in four groups, the best 2 from each group advance to the ‚knock out‘ qualification match.
– 21 participants and up – ‚Double knock out‘ until the last four (2 from the winners side + 2 from the one loss side).

There are 7 qualification groups, resulting in 28 (7×4) qualifiers. They will join the 4 seeded pros in the Final 32 on Sunday August 17th.

((( Entry Fees )))
Regular €50/ rebuy €35
Reduced* €35/ rebuy €25
Ladies/ juniors €25/ rebuy €15
* members KNBB/ BPBF/ Luxemburg/ Longoni cue owners

((( Entry Form )))

First name:
Family name:
Man/ woman/ junior/ Longoni cue owner:
Postal code + city:
Mobile phone number:
1st choice of qualification group:
2nd choice of qualification group:

By returning this entry form you are subject to paying the applicable entry fee.

((( Final 32 )))
Sunday August 17th | 9:00 | Compulsory Dresscode*
Double Knock Out until the Final 8
At Thurston, Westersingel 20, 3014GP Rotterdam, Holland
* dress pants (no jeans), shirt with collar, leather shoes (no sneakers).

((( LIVE stream )))
During the event, www.ebillard.fr will stream the matches live from the center court table.

((( Prize Fund )))
Champion €2.500 | Runner-up €1.500 | 3rd/4th €750 | 5th-8th €400 | 9th-12th €250 | 13th-16th €150 | 17th-24th €100 | 25th-32nd €50 | Best Lady +€100 Bonus | Best Junior +€100 Bonus

See you during the event,

Serge Das & Çakti Aswan

The  2014 Longoni Benelux Open is brought to you by DASWAN PROMOTIONS in cooperation with Loontjens Biljarts | Kamui tips | Iwan Simonis | Aramith | Serge Das Billiards | Thurston Rotterdam | Thurston Wilrijk | ebillard.fr | BPBF | KNBB

The tournament organization reserves the right to refuse entries. All information may be subject to change.

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