2014 PREDATOR Deurne City Classic: The Story – Day 1

2014 DCC: The Story – Day1 (part1)

written by Martin Sawicki

After a days rest and a good night sleep, here are some final words about this years event..

As all of you probably noticed I’ve worked hard to get this edition of DCC right up there with the biggest tournaments in Europe and on the international stage. Therefore I had to get it noticed by a lot of people.. you be the judge whether I succeeded in doing my job. I know that from time to time it must have been a little but annoying to get spammed and notified every single day for the past few months, but in my opinion just a marginal downside of things, it’s simply the way marketing works nowadays. Obviously our event tries to copy one of the biggest pool-billiard happenings in the world.. the Derby City Classic. Our goal is to bring the class and variety it has to people in Europe, but these are only the first few steps towards building the same success they have. We know that there’s more to it and that we need to improve over time. Nevertheless we are proud it rose to what it is now! Couldn’t have imagined it would be such a great event just the 2nd time around..

Nick van den Berg (NED) - Photo: JP Parmentier
Nick van den Berg (NED) – Photo: JP Parmentier

.. The Event
On Theusday and Wednesday we prepared Ames for the 2nd Annual 2014 Deurne City Classic. Starting this year themed with our new partner and main co-sponsor Predator Cues, thanks to Jimmy Worung from Loontjens Biljarts (main sponsor) for setting this up. Hope in the future we will grow even bigger together..
Tables and balls were cleaned after the Dutch Nationals so the venue looked fresh again, ready to receive players from all around Europe. The DCC saw a massive turn-up from foreign countries like the UK, Germany, Poland, France, Spain and even Austria. As the event started on Friday people were looking to prepare themselves early.. Ames had then showing up Thursday morning for some practice and in the evening they already were fighting for some hard cash. For us organizers Thursday afternoon meant last minute prepping like; getting promo material properly arranged in the DCC Arena, setting up the tournament desk and finishing off all matters regarding draws and tournament setup. I was also occupied with pickup up family and friends from airports incl. old friend Bartek Skoniecki (crew member) and Imran Majid.Harry was doing his thing and Aziz still had to put in some hard work at his company. Thursday night the early arrivals included players from Spain; David Alcaide Bermudez & Juan Carlos Exposito, who I accidentally met walking to the hotel when I dropped off some friends. Later on the Livestream/Match Recording EBillard.fr Team from France arrived, we spoke a little bit and they went on setting up their gear and installing all necessary equipment to provide the live matches that were broadcast throughout the event. They also brought along Pool-Photo celeb JP Parmentier, imo the best photographer in our business! It was an honor to meet and work together with him! More players came in after a while including the first Polish and German guys; Marek Derek, Kuba Sawicki, Konrad Piekarski, Mieszko Fortuński, his brother Marcel and Konrad Juszczyszyn. Mario He and Oliver Ortmann also came a day early. All players eager to practice for our event. Stumbled upon some Facebook faces but now in real life, that was my highlight of the day. Del Sim and friends came in and we spoke a bit and after that it was back to work. As the clock ticked on we were all still busy finishing our work and setup. Harry did all preparations towards getting the bar properly set up, I was connecting all wires for the booth and Aziz came in to support us. With the arena set and ready to be played at, the booth ready for the tournament we all went home or to our hotels to get a good night sleep.

Karl Boyes (GBR) & Theodore Bitsaxakis (GRE) - Photo: JP Parmentier
Karl Boyes (GBR) & Theodore Bitsaxakis (GRE) – Photo: JP Parmentier

Day 1

Friday morning we arrived early and found out that the big ‘FINAL ASSEMBLY’ poster had been dropped off by the courier and to my surprise it did not disappoint! Most of the players that entered the MAIN-EVENT were displayed, some missing and some replaced due to last-minute withdrawals. But all in all a well propped and liked feature of the DCC. People were feeling proud to be placed on the main promotional poster displayed at our event.

The Event started off with the One-Pocket division, all went as planned and 32 players started off at around 10:00am. After the 1st round concluded a lot of players decided to re-buy into the 2nd round and the field widened itself pretty good. We had some surprises, as lot of favorites went out in the 1st round. eg. Nick van den Berg got beaten by Imran Majid. We also had some brotherly battles as David Alcaide had to play his buddy Juan Carlos Expisito, then in the 2nd round he played Carlos Cabbelo and lost. Carlos went on to get into the final, there he met with strong playing Stephan Cohen, who beat Imran and Benjamin Baier in the process. Stephan continued his great form in the final and beat Carlos 3-0…

Full results from the Last 8 onwards:
Quarter finals
Benjamin Baier 3 vs 0 Kyle van den Bosch
Stephan Cohen 3 vs 0 Imran Majid
Mieszko Fortunski 3 vs 1 Wojciech Szewczyk
Carlos Cabello 3 vs 1 Tobias Hoiss

Semi finals
Stephan Cohen 3 vs 0 Benjamin Baier
Carlos Cabello 3 vs 1 Mieszko Fortunski

Stephan Cohen 3 vs 0 Carlos Cabello

Joshua Filler (GER) - Photo: JP Parmentier
Joshua Filler (GER) – Photo: JP Parmentier

9ball Bankpool
Around 14:00 we started the 1st round of the 9ball Bankpool, with a lot of entries who dropped out of the one-pocket we again had a full field of 32 players. No surprises there as the usual suspect all came thru this time.. Niels Feijen, NvdB, Ralf Souquet, Oliver Ortmann and Phil Burford all won their 1st round matches giving their opponent a donut! German “Young Gun” Joshua Filler also got thru to the 2nd round doing the same thing. After the re-buys the 2nd round also went on with a 32 field.
Again some of the frontrunners got rid of their opponent in a quick fashion in the Last 8, until the final;

Quarter finals
Jelle Kijlstra 3 vs 1 Huidji See
Nick van den Berg 3 vs 2 Phil Burford
Joshua Filler 3 vs 2 Niels Feijen
Ralf Souquet 3 vs 1 Karl Boyes

Semi finals
Nick van den Berg 3 vs 1 Jelle Kijlstra
Joshua Filler 3 vs 1 Ralf Souquet

Joshua Filler 3 vs 1 Nick van den Berg

Great form shown by young Joshua Filler who really caught a gear and knocked off some big names in the end. He banked his way onto the Final where he beat NvdB losing only 1 game!

14.1 Shootout
(will feature in part2)

All in all it was a great first day, with some laughs and drink in the evening.. we had ringgames and money-matches going. The setup was 2x €50,- 10ball (2 tables x6 players afterwards combined into one final table), 5x €20,- 10ball and 1x €20,- Bankpool Ringgame. Here are the winners:
€50,- STAKES (2 tables got into 1 : Karl Boyes = €275,- , Wojtek Szewczyk €175,- , Imran Majid €100,-
€20,- STAKES 10ball: Del Sim, Konrad Juszczyszyn, Jelle Kijlstra, Mark Lunn, Wojtek Trajdos and Pepijn de Wit won the Bankpool Ringgame. All of them won the entire pot with an extra entry from DCC.

.. end of Part 1 (Part2 & more Official Photos coming soon)

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