„Raising the Hustler“ T-Shirt

Pool and cue sports faces an ever increasing struggle to survive in todays world among the other sports and activites that are available.

Knowing that fact and knowing most of the pool world needs another wave of interest, like that generated by the films,

„The Color of Money“ -1986 (shot in my home room of Chris’s Billiards, Chicago) and it’s predecessor, „The Hustler“ -1961.

Both films created a wave of interest that propelled the industry and the players for over two decades a piece. However, no one has ever gone into the true world of professional pool and billiards with a camera to capture ephemeral match-ups, banter, and stories, as well capture the pressure and will of those who live by their cues. Starting in 2006, with the legends of Chicago, I found my pool world being thrown into chaos.

„Raising the Hustler“ is the feature length documentary about pool, its history, it’s mystique and its players. Currently, we are still in editing and post-production. Editing is not inexpensive and I’ve worked hard and mostly alone.

That’s where you come in!

Your purchase of a „Raising the Hustler“ t-shirt will help support the costs of editing while supporting the film and getting a great shirt!

For everyone outside of the United States I make this offer!

Because the company that is handling our t-shirt campaign DOES NOT ship overseas, I will take individual orders for an additional $7.00 S&H + $20.00 USD = $27.00USD at

raisingthehustler@yahoo.com via PayPal.

Please include your size, address and colour preference.

Thank you for supporting pool/billiard and cue sports!

Ms. Angel Levine director, „Raising the Hustler“

Angel Levine (Facebook), Raising the Hustler/T-Shirt

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