Jeanette Lee to Play 14.1 in the ANDY CLOTH World Tournament

Jeanette Lee to Play 14.1 in the ANDY CLOTH World Tournament

Story by John Kang

Jeanette Lee
Jeanette Lee

New York City–  The most recognized billiards player in the world will be heading to the streets of New York City to participate in the  ANDY CLOTH 74th World Tournament of 14.1 ! Jeanette Lee, aka „The Black Widow„, will appear at Steinway Billiards Cafe starting on August 4th against a field of 47 men professionals where she will be the sole female competitor. Jeanette will play some of the best players the game has to offer and her entrance will just make the competition even tougher. Some of her opponents will include France’s Stephan Cohen, World 14.1 Champion John Schmidt, Filipino champ Warren Kiamco and many more. World renown ANDY CLOTH is now the title sponsor as well as the Official Cloth of the straight pool extravaganza.  The ANDY CLOTH World Tournament takes place on August 4th-9th and is sponsored by Andy Cloth, Kamui Brands, OB Cues, Amsterdam Billiard Club,, Pool & Billiard Magazine , and George Beckman Kinetic Sculptures. Official patron 14.1 aficionados are Stu Mattana, Tom Gleich, Harold Siegel, and Dr. Greg Diehl Plastic Surgery. The World Tournament of 14.1 is presented by Dr. Michael Fedak and produced by Dragon Promotions.

“Straight pool is definitely my favorite game to play. It has a good balance of ball pocketing, strategy and artistry. I love it!” says Lee. Known for her sex appeal and
deadly accuracy with a pool cue, Jeanette will undoubtedly be able to hold her own. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jeanette is quite fond of the city she grew up in. Lee confessed that she was lucky to have fallen in love with the sport in the city she loves. Jeanette acknowledged that “being from New York I had access to great players and great competition. There was also some sort of tournament every day of the week that I could compete in.”

When asked how it feels to play in the world’s oldest, most traditional championship in billiards, The Black Widow joyously expressed her excitement. “It has been years since I’ve played in the World 14.1. I know there’s going be a tough field, but I’m going to enjoy the experience and hopefully finish well in the tournament. It will also be nice catching up with my old friends and family“

Unlike most sports, billiards can be played in multiple fashions. The ANDY CLOTH World Tournament is a straight pool tournament where most of the competitors will be men. However, the Black Widow is no dummy when it comes to “ breaking balls“ and never shies away from hard-nosed challenges.

„It’s thrilling for Andy Cloth to elevate our sponsorship to spearhead the World Tournament name. And knowing that the Black Widow is going to be playing against all the biggest male names in pool just makes this all even more exciting!“, said Ed J. Glode, President of Andy Cloth USA.

Pool fans are also invited to have dinner with the world’s greatest players at the 4th Annual 14.1 Straight Pool Hall of Fame Banquet on August 6th. The Straight Pool Hall of Fame Induction videos will be produced by Jerry Tarantola of and Ron Mason of .  The Hall of Fame ceremonies will be streamed online for free on Ustream by Upstate Al of AZBtv.

Jeanette Lee
Jeanette Lee

Jeanette Lee is truly a living icon in her respected sport. Last year the Black Widow became a bonafide legend when she was inducted into both the Women’s Professional Billiards Association (WPBA) and the BCA Hall of Fame. Jeanette’s name will forever be written in the stars along side other pioneers of the game such as Willie Mosconi, Minnesota Fats, and Steve Mizerak. She is also actively trying to grow the sport with her new initiatives. She explains, “I am having a Black Widow Juniors Camp next year where the top billiard players mentor the top junior players both on and off the pool table. Our goal is to teach vital life lessons that they can use outside of playing pool, develop their game, and create a bond between our youth and our world champions.”

Lee totally redefines the term “play like a girl” . A world champion and Hall of Famer,  Jeanette is a fierce competitor wearing many hats. But the biggest name in billiards still makes times to cook dinner and tuck her kids in for bedtime.

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Fans can buy tickets at the door, and tickets for the Hall of fame 14.1 Banquet in advance for $55 by going to  . The dinner includes a 5 course meal and beverages as well as seating next to the stars of billiards. For $141 you can also join the Elite Members of the 141 Club on the same link.


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