Filler and Maciol grab the Gold Medals


Filler and Maciol grab the Gold Medals

The Dynamic European Championships – Youth, Seniors & Ladies
Portoroz, Slovenia – 1-16 aug 2014


The first medals have been awarded at the 2014 Dynamic Billard European Youth Championships in Portoroz, Slovenia.

Joshua Filler (GER) won the juniors division while Daniel Maciol (POL) took the title in the pupils division.

Filler has been one of the favorite players in the event. Being the defending champion in the pupils, he played his first year in the juniors division since he has reached the age limit. But also in the juniors, no one was able to stop Filler. He eliminated Tian Zhang (SWE) in the semi-final with 100:67 and won the final match over Spasian Spasov (BUL) with 100:47. Spasov, who overcame Daniel Tangudd (SWE) in the semi-final, was the underdog in the final. He fought his way through the chart and the second place is definitely a huge success for the Bulgarian.

Daniel Maciol (POL) & Joshua Filler (GER)
Daniel Maciol (POL) & Joshua Filler (GER)

Maciol had a tough match in the semi-final with Patrick Hofmann (GER). He just managed to win the match with 75:63. The final match was a one-man show by Maciol. His opponent Cyriel Ledoux (NED) obviously lost too much energy in his semi-final match with Maksim Dudanets (RUS) where he was trailing big time but managed to win 75:68.

The medal table shows Germany in the lead with one Gold and one Bronze medal with Poland on second place and Bulgaria and The Netherlands tied for third.

Earlier today, the 10-ball individuals started. Probably the biggest surprise was Daniel Guttenberger (AUT) defeating Joshua Filler with 7:3. Guido Janssen (NED) also came up with a small surprise, sending Germany’s Raphael Wahl to the loser’s side with 7:4. In the girls division, the main clash happened between Kamila Khodjaeva (BEL) and local hero Ana Gradisnik (SLO). Both girls are playing since several years now and also represent their nations in the women’s division. They also have in common that they are both regarded as very talented players. Today, Khodjaeva had the better day, winning the 10-ball match over Gradisnik with 5:2.

In the juniors division, unheralded Dawid Tonojan (POL) won the winner’s qualification round match with new-born star Spasian Spasov by a hair’s breadth with 7:6.

The Dynamic Billard European Youth Championships 2014 will continue tomorrow morning at 09:00 CET with matches of the 10-ball individuals.

All matches can be viewed LIVE at 22 tables in HiRes quality are providing you with all the action of the event. You do not miss out one single match! Join today!

More information about participants, schedules, achievements, rankings, etc can be found on the event website

The event is hosted by the European Pocket Billiard Federation EPBF and organized by International Billiard Promotion Foundation IBPF.

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