Kick off Longoni Benelux Open, tomorrow

Kick off Longoni Benelux Open, tomorrow

Dear pool friends,

The 2014 Longoni Benelux Open kicks off, tomorrow, on my 45th birthday. I couldn’t find any other suitable date in the international calendar. Ah well, two celebrations are in order, then.

Friday August 15th (qualification rounds*)
11.00 am Group B | 3.00 pm Group C | 7.00 pm Group D

Saturday August 16th (qualification rounds*)
11.00 am Group E | 3.00 pm Group F | 7.00 pm Group G

Sunday August 17th
9.00 am Final 32 and onwards, to the final


Check in with the tournament organisation, ((( at least 30 minutes ))) prior to the start of your qualification group. Otherwise you will NOT be taken up in the draw.

The game is 10ball, alternate break, with Magic Ball Rack PRO, race to 6 in the qualification rounds and race to 8 on Sunday.

All match tables have been refitted with brand new Iwan Simonis 860 cloth and the pockets have been shimmed to pro size. The official balls of the event are, as every year, brand new Super Aramith PRO-CUP TV balls.

We expect more than 230 entries, this year, making it the biggest Longoni Benelux Open to date. With pool billiards supperstars ‚The Terminator‘ Niels Feijen, ‚El Niño‘ Nick van den Berg, ‚Kaiser‘ Ralf Souquet, ‚The Tornado‘ Tony Drago, ‚The Machine‘ Oliver Ortmann, ‚The Dazzler‘ Daryl Peach, ‚Guapo‘ Karl Boyes, Stéphan Cohen and many more, this 6th edition of the event promises to be spectacular, again.


* And the best thing is, you can still enlist for any of the qualification groups. E-mail to enlist.

Cheers! Game ONNN!

Çakti Aswan

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