The incredible journey of Karl Boyes


The incredible journey of Karl Boyes

The Dynamic Eurotour – Slovenia Open – 21-24 aug 2014


Great Britain’s Karl Boyes has been on a tough mission in this Dynamic Billard Slovenian Open so far. Yesterday, he defeated Ralf Souquet (GER) with 9:3. Then, he won over Adam Mscisz (POL) 9:1, probably the only „easy“ match so far. Today, he fell to the sharp blade of „The Terminator“ Niels Feijen (NED) 3:9 in the winner’s qualification round. He went on the loser’s side just to mert Ralf Souquet again. There, he was having a comfortable lead when Souquet started pulling back rack after rack from him. He broke at 8:7 in his favor and the 9-ball went in the pocket. That brought „The Grinder“ to the round of the last 32 players. There, Boyes met another heavyweight in David Alcaide (ESP). He remained the upper hand in that match and will not meet last Euro-Tour’s winner Denis Grabe (EST) in the round of the last 16 players which will be played tomorrow morning at 10:00 CET. Grabe had ousted Ruslan Chinakhov (RUS) 9:7 earlier.

Karl Boyes (GBR)
Karl Boyes (GBR)

It is also remarkable that Jasmin Ouschan (AUT) is among the best 16 players of the event. She lost to her brother yesterday but came back strong. While Albin made his way over the winner’s side with victories over Richard Jones (GBR) 9:4 and in the single elimination Joshua Filler (AUT) 9:5, Jasmin had a bit more work to do. She got the better of Konrad Juszczyszyn (POL) 9:4, Michael Schneider (SUI) 9:1 and Roman Hybler (CZE) 9:5 to earn a spot among the best 32 players of the event. She met Michal Turkowski (POL) and added him to the list of her victims with 9:4 to enter the round of the last 16 players, just like her brother Albin. There she will face Mark Gray (GBR) who won 9:5 over his fellow countryman Daryl Peach (GBR).

Mats Schjetne (NOR) delivered a huge upset to the tournament. He ousted „The Terminator“ Niels Feijen (NED) in the round of the final 3 players with 9:7. That victory was completely unheralded. Schjetne was drawn in the match with Feijen. He came from the loser’s side.

Results Last 32 players:

Alcaide 7 Boyes 9
Chinakhov 7 Grabe 9
Stepanov 9 Gama 6
Filler 5 Albin Ouschan 9
Kaplan 4 Larsson 9
Babica 9 He 7
Chamat 9 Dudanets 3
Jones 9 Salim-Giasar 7
Sniegocki 6 Tangudd 9
Makkonen 9 Solymosi 7
Kazakis 4 Ekonomopoulos 9
Bijsterbosch 9 Corrieri 8
Gray 9 Peach 5
Jasmin Ouschan 9 Turkowski 4
Serafimovski 5 Cabello 9
Schjetne 9 Feijen 7

The Dynamic Billard Slovenian Open will continue tomorrow morning at 10:00 CET. The women’s Euro-Tour will begin at 09:00 CET.

More information about participants, schedules, achievements, rankings, etc can be found on the event website

The event is hosted by the European Pocket Billiard Federation EPBF and organized by International Billiard Promotion Foundation IBPF.

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