Kazakis ousts Boyes at the Dynamic Billard Dutch Open


The Dynamic Eurotour – Dutch Open – 1-4 oct 2014


Alexander Kazakis (GRE) got the better of Karl Boyes (GBR), ousting the Brit with 9:8 from the Dynamic Billard Dutch Open Euro-Tour event in Leende, The Netherlands.

Kazakis got drawn into the round of the last 32 players since he lost in the winner’s qualification round to his friend and teammate Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE) with 6:9. However, Boyes was the seeded player who came undefeated through the loser’s round. He surely was the favored player in this match. But having in mind the high level and widely spread quality of the Euro-Tour players, nothing can be taken for granted these days. Kazakis has earned his merits in the past and is known to be a fighter. And the match turned out to be a tough fight. Both players did not give anything away for free. They both took turns in winning racks, not allowing the gap to become too bis for any of them. In fact, it was Boyes who got on the hill first, taking an 8:7 lead over Kazaking after having trailed 6:7. But Kazakis obviously was able to stand the heat and won the next two racks, winning the match with 9:8 over Boyes. Kazakis will play tomorrow in the round of the final 16 players while Boyes will have to settle for 17th place here in Leende.

Alexander Kazakis (GRE)
Alexander Kazakis (GRE)

Other remarkable results include Ralf Souquet (GER) eliminating Niels Feijen (NED) with 9:4 from the event. Feijen has had a tough day, dealing with great players like Alex Pagulayan (CAN) 9:5, Nick Malai (GRE) 9:5 and Oliver Ortmann (GER) 9:3. But in the match with Souquet, his break was just not there. With this deficit, it is impossible to win against the experienced German Hall of Famer.

Nick van den Berg (NED) managed to defeat Mateusz Sniegocki (POL) with 9:4 and stay alive in the event to collect important ranking points for international selection tournaments such as the Mosconi Cup.

Mieszko Fortunski (POL) ended David Alcaide’s (ESP) journey at the Dynamic Billard Dutch Open, winning the match with 9:6 over the Spaniard.

Nikos Ekonomopoulos (GRE) joined his friend Kazakis in the round of the final 16 players with a 9:6 victory over Radoslaw Babica (POL).

The final day of the Dutch Open will begin tomorrow with matches starting at 10:00 CET. The final is scheduled for 18:00 CET.

Three out of 11 tables can be watched LIVE throughout the event on www.kozoom.com. The event will be hosted by the European Pocket Billiard Federation EPBF and organized by International Billiard Promotion, IBP. For further information, please check the event website at www.eurotouronline.com or contact the EPBF press office at press@epbf.com

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