Small Interview with the MoneyBattle team from Holland


MoneyBattle is a new pool concept within Holland Where did Moneybattle come from?

MB Team: MoneyBattle was created from 4 guys who love pool. We are all part of the pool circuit in someway, avid followers of pool in general and have many pool friends around Europe.
We have all taken part in national championships, European tours and many national team and individual competitions so we know a lot of guys around the pool scene. Due to this we often hear, see or even take part in money games, some for big money. However we realised that not many people get to see these great games. Money games are a lot different to the normal competition games we play, so it brings out a different player and increases the pressure immensely.  This is great for spectating and means anything can happen and any shot can be missed.
We decided that it would be a great idea to showcase money games from around Europe with some of the local and top players in the game. From this MoneyBattle was created. Who is in the MoneyBattle team?

MB Team: We have 4 members in our team

Graham Hickman – Hilversum, Holland
Melvin Reese – Utrecht, Holland
Jimmy Worung – Dordrecht, Holland
Pascal De Smit – Dordrecht, Holland

moneybattle_team What is the overall concept?

MB Team: We have some general rules of MoneyBattle to keep the events consistent, however there is some flexibility within them to support player preferences.

Basically the game is 9 or 10 ball with a min stake of 100euro per player.

You can see all our general rules via our website.

Our aims are:

  • To organise, arrange & support all players who want to battle for money
  • To provide the best possible setting & experience to all players battling for money
  • To elevate the game by showing all matches live via our HD stream to mobile, pc or tablet

We will be streaming all the games in HD via our MoneyBattle channel and have supporting commentary from players, special guests and us.

Overall we want to bring money pool to life in Europe by creating a special & unique experience for all players taking part and providing a supporting platform for players of all levels to find an opponent. I see that you have some sponsors of MoneyBattle, is that right?

MB Team: We have the pleasure of working with 4 great sponsors, Kamui tips & chalk, Mezz cues, Clash pool cues & tables and Ames pool hall in Deurne. They have all been very supportive in helping us create this experience and we look forward to working with them during our events.

moneybattle_with_sponsors Why Ames pool hall in Deurne?

MB Team: Ames Pool hall is well known for hosting some of the top events in Holland such as the Dutch National Championships (Mens, Wmns, Juniors & Seniors) and the DCC (Deurne City Classic) to name a few. All these events attract players from all over Europe due to the venue, organisation and excellent pool setting. We thought this would be a perfect place to showcase our events and Ames has been great in working with us to create What are we going to expect from this first event?

MB Team: In this first event on Sat Nov 8th we have 6 great match ups.
We have players from all over Holland battling for combined stake of around 2,000euros.
We will have 2 tables showing 3 matches. Starting 12pm, then 4pm with the final match at around 8pm.  Everyone is welcome to come to Ames and watch the matches. Entrance is free and we will set up the venue in such a way that it allows good viewing for all spectators.  Alternatively if you are not able to come down to join us, you can watch via our MoneyBattle channel and listen to the commentary. If you are pool crazy like us guys, then maybe watch both at the same time. Whatever you like. Oh and its for FREE! How do you decide who plays in your events?

MB Team: Right now we are asking players to create profiles on our website and rate themselves from A-C level. A being a top level player (pro or top level in their country) and C being a local club player who likes to put his money on the table.  Based on our pool knowledge, feedback and experience MoneyBattle will have the final say on player levels. Of course over time player’s levels could change based on event results. This will be an evolving process.
Using all of these factors we can create a group of players with a similar ability level to match up for events.

One other great thing about our events is that we have a ‘Winner Stays on Option’. This basically gives an event winning player the option to come back next time and take on another challenge, if they are up for it.

For this first event we reached out to some players and created our schedule. We have many players already contacting us from all over Europe wanting to play, which is great and will have some big matches lined up for coming events. So watch this space. Where can I sign up to be part of it?

MB Team: To be part of MoneyBattle is simple. All an interested player has to do is to register a profile at This is all free and once the player has a profile set up they are added to our list. Also that player is able to access our forums to challenge other players, be challenged or even be selected for one of our wild card matches.

The MoneyBattle team will be there to support at all times.

For more information on MoneyBattle please go to and like our FB page, visit our Website or contact us directly at

Promo of the first Event:

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