Queens Cup Airing Primetime on ABS-CBN Sports: Day 1 Line-Up Announced! Queens CupManila, Philippines – Billiards is going primetime. The 2015 Queens Cup will be airing live nightly on primetime hours of 6:00pm – 10:00pm on ABS-CBN Sports + Action channel. The captains of both Asia and the West have also announced their line-up to start the event, and it will feature some savory match-ups! The Queens Cup is igniting the greatest rivalry in women’s billiards . On April 16-18th, 2015 the second installment of the Queens Cup will feature champions vs champions as the best women from Asia will take on the best in the West! Last year, Team Asia dominated Team West during the 3 days of competition. This year the USA & Europe will be looking to even the score. The Queens Cup will be hosted by the award winning Resorts World Manila Casino & Hotel and sponsored by Andy Cloth , Aramith Balls, Viking Cue, with live streaming by Red Cube Productions. The Queens Cup is a Dragon Promotions production. Queens Cup 2015 Team Asia

„ABS-CBN is pleased to be the host network of this international battle between the greatest champions of women’s billiards. The Queens Cup is the biggest women’s sporting event in the Philippines, and we fittingly have given this event the primetime slot, four hours each day of the three day competition. Everyone in the world is excited to see the West take on Asia in this rivalry,“ said Dino Laurena, Head of Integrated Sports for ABS-CBN.


Day 1 April 16th Line-up Asia vs West:

4-on-4 : All players partners match
Doubles:  Chen Siming & Jennifer Chen vs Karen Corr/Jennifer Barretta
Doubles:  Eunji Park & Rubilen Amit vs Ewa Laurance/ Vivian Villarreal
Singles: Rubilen Amit vs Karen Corr
Singles: Eunji Park vs Vivian Villarreal
Triples:  S.Chen/ Park/ Amit vs Corr/Barretta/Laurance Queens Cup 2015 Team West

ABS-CBN Sports + Action  will be airing QUEENS CUP 2015 on the following dates :
Apr. 16, Thursday at 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Apr. 17, Friday at 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Apr. 18, Saturday at 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Apr. 20, Monday at 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Apr. 21, Tuesday at 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Apr. 22, Wednesday at 2:00pm – 6:00pm

The Queens Cup will air live 6:00pm-10:00pm daily for 3 days on ABS-CBN Sports channels, and for international viewers in USA, Europe, & elsewhere, 24 hour a day archive access on Pay-per-view is now available at a special $20 pre-event sale by going to or clicking here

The Queens Cup will showcase the rivalry between the Asians and their western counterparts in Europe and USA, very similar to the Ryder Cup in golf or Davis Cup in tennis. Elite professional ladies from their respective countries and continents are selected onto two sides representing the East and West. The event will last 3 days in a 10-Ball format that will conclude when one team reaches 10 match wins. Style of play will include singles, doubles, triples, and 4-on-4. Captains will be put to the test to create the best strategy in partnerships and chemistry of match-ups. If the matches go 9 to 9 hill-hill, a final 4-on-4 play will set the scene for the dramatic conclusion.

The Queens Cup brings a level of excitement and pressure never before seen in women’s billiards. On April 16th, The Empresses of Pool Battle for Glory.

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