Yuan-Chun Lin wins her 2nd title at the Amway Cup

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Taipei – The championship game of 2015 Amway eSpring International Women 9-Ball Championship in Taipei Gymnasiums was between Yuan-Chun LIN from Taiwan and Rubilen Amit from Philippines. The final was tense and close, went up from 3:3, 5:5 and 9:9 until Lin broke the tie to take the lead and game point 10:9. In 20 racks, Lin broke and missed one ball, but was able to come back to the table and won the game after Amit’s fatal error on the 3-ball. Lin’s second Amway Cup trophy with the final score 11:9 brought her a prize of $34,000.

Lin Yuan-Chun (TPE)
Lin Yuan-Chun (TPE)

Although being struggling throughout recent years, Yuan-Chun Lin had her first challenge in the tournament, to play Kelly Fisher in the quarterfinal. Lin’s 5:1 early lead turned 7:6 after multiple misses and illegal breaks, but she gathered up and advanced 9:6.

The young talent from China Liu Yuchen was Yuan-Chun Lin’s semifinal opponent. Lin trailed for most time of the game and was 8:9 behind, one game shy of elimination. The next game Lin took her chance from her opponent’s illegal break and ran out the deciding game. For the second time Lin entered the final of Amway Cup after her championship run of 2008.

The other semi was between Rubilen Amit and Angeline Ticoalu from Indonesia. The score was 9:1 as Amit cruised into the final, which was her second appearance after 2007’s runner up.

Lin Yuan-Chun (TPE)
Lin Yuan-Chun (TPE)

Yuan-Chun LIN says after the final she felt „offended“ when the ‘Taiwan Sports Lottery’ gave her 1-50 rate for winning the trophy before the tournament. She was on a mission to prove something and took a step at a time in games. Her fantastic performance in front of a huge home crowed plus a little bit of luck brought her the champion and confidence as well.

The 30 years old Taiwanese has a long career and plays Amway Cup since 2004. Four year later she won the 2008 Amway Cup which was her greatest moment in her career. The next year her 14 consecutive winning streak in the tournament ended in the game against her fellow Ho-Yun Chen. After that Lin did not achieve much and last year’s loss in the group stage almost destroyed her confidence.

This much needed trophy could be a topping point of Lin’s career. She thanked all for not letting her give up and honored her passed enlightenment coach. She’s also planning to use to prize to open a pool hall where she can practice in her own place.

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