Ga Young Kim takes the crown in the China Open

alison_chang_logowritten by Alison Chang (

Ga-Young Kim ousted the favorite Austrians Jasmin Ouschan and Ho-Yun Chen of Chinese Taipei from the tournament with 9:5, 9:6 victory in the single elimination.

In the semi-finals, Kim against Han Yu of China. Han was unlucky and made some dry breaks and illegal breaks and Kim was played decent to won the match with 9:3 to make into the final.

Ga Young Kim (KOR)

It was like a little revenge for Kim, she had lost to Han Yu in the final last year.

Fu Xiaofang made her way with smashedAngeline Ticoalu (INA) 9:0 in her first match in the single elimination. She defeated the new young Nation Team member Liu Yuchen with 9:7 in the quarter-finals, then to overpower Chen Siming in the semi-final with 9:4. That earned her a seat in the final match.

The final match played between Fu Xiaofang and Ga-Young Kim, the “Little Devil Girl“. Both of them played well. Two of them break & clear every rack to 3:3. In rack 7, Kim missed the 6-ball, Fu cleared the table up to 4:3. Then Fu missed the 1-ball after her breaking rack in the rack 12, Kim take her chance to clean the table to get a 7:5, lead 2 racks plus kiss 9 in rack 13. Even Fu clear next rack still wouldn’t save her match, Kim took down Fu with 9:6 to be the Champion of China Open 2015.


“I didn’t give up, I tried hard to maintain my confidence. I am enjoy the result. Seven years since I first played in this tournament in Shanghai, I finally WIN!” Said Ga-Young with smile after the match.


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