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global8ball_logo_400px(German version , click here) In the last few years all over the world there were a lot of new projects and ideas popping up around the pool billiards scene. Some of them saw that it is quite difficult to promote and sell their idea/ project and to get known to a bigger public. Some failed because their expectations were unrealistic and others because their project was too complex and non-transparent. Why does this posting start with those hints rather than with some euphoric news? We want to remain down to earth, because we know the difficulties concerning the sport of pool billiards.

With the stated aim to improve the general situation of pool billiards, is a very outstanding project. We will have a look at its background and try to rate its chances of success. What is, who is the leading figure and the author of this exciting idea? For which kind of target group was it designed and could there be a global benefit for the sport of pool billiards? These are some of the questions that we would like to discuss here.

What is is quite simply a virtual pool billiards game respectively an online pool billiards simulation with fixed rules. For an entry fee of only 1,80 USD everyone can participate and demonstrate his skills. Before the tournament starts, the developers of this simulation will present an evaluation version to test the game that will already be playable. This will allow the gamers to test and provide feedback for improvement. The aim is to finally be able to offer a high-class game. What you need to play it is only an ordinary computer with internet access and an up-to-date browser. That means all current pcs, smartphones and tablets will work.

Just get registered and – who knows – a few rounds later you find yourself in the finals… This is the point where the whole thing gets really exciting: The finals will be played at real tables in the frame work of a 3-hour live show in Zurich (Switzerland) produced in a broadcast TV format.

The winner will be awarded by generous price money of 600.000 USD! This amount might seem exaggerated and untrustworthy at first glance. But, if you consider the fact that everyone around the world at the minimum age of 18 can attend this tournament and that the chances of success are realistic, we absolutely think that it is justified to talk about sums in the mentioned dimension. The interesting fact is that this is not an exclusive game for professional pool billiards players only but a new and open project for gamers, pros and people who are just curious and haven’t got anything to do with billiards.

For more details, information and facts about the project please see the end of this blog and visit

What about the intentions and motivations behind this project? What about its chances and results?
Needless to say the Global8Ball project wants to be profitable! But the big difference compared to other projects is that this is not its main intention. The makers are focused on inspiring people around the world and to improve the general situation of the sport of pool billiards. This becomes apparent by the official cooperation with the World Pool Billiard Association (WPA) and the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF). In case of success new possibilities are opened up for the partners. How can we be sure that the funds are really used in this way and that the CEO is actually willing to keep his promises? Because this is his very motivation. Global8Ball has the inspirational potential to bring lots of different people to the pool tables, even complete amateurs who are good at computer games but never had anything to do with the game of billiards. To stand a chance in the finals they will have to train and to deal with the game, maybe even buy a cue… We are sure that only a few professional pool players will make it to the finals… or should we be wrong and the top players will manage the online qualifications, too? We will see 🙂 Of course this is not the first pool online game with prize money, but those former projects were focused on making money merely, they did not consider sponsorship or promotion of pool billiards in general. is different. We would like to introduce the creator and inventor behind this outstanding idea. He has a great deal of experience in the area of pool billiards and some will already know him well.

Mike Neubert
Mike Neubert

Who invented and established
Global8Ball was created by Mike Neubert. Aged 48 and born in Hannover he is well known throughout the German pool billiards scene for his committed and successful activity in the world of pool. In 1993 he founded the King’s Club in Hannover in cooperation with his partner. From 1995 to 2003 he was its sole managing director. During this time he did not only lift many German and international trophies with the PBV Anderten but hosted lots of important tournaments like Grand Prix. Famous player of this time were Tom Storm, Oliver Ortmann, Rafael Martinez, Andreas Rochkowski, John Blacklaw, Dominic Jentsch amongst others. In 2003 Mike established the pool section of the premier league football club Hannover 96 where he formed a successful team that made it to the premier league. One of the events that we remember well is the WTC2010. The World Team Championship 2010 was organized by Mike Neubert and took place in Hannover. With 43 international first-class teams this championship was to date the most extraordinary pool event in Germany where some of the world’s best pool players showed us their skills. All the players of the German team in 2010 were members of Hannover 96. Oliver Ortmann, John Blacklaw, Thomas Lüttich, Christian Musmann und Dominic Jentsch made it to 5th place. This shows that Mike is the right person to make things work and that he really knows his business. We believe in him and in his new project Global8Ball. A few days ago, we had the opportunity to ask him some questions and would like to share our little interview with you:

Although some of your projects were very successful, you are well aware how hard it is to make a change in the world of pool. What are the reasons for your comeback with your Global8Ball-project now?
Mike Neubert: I think it’s worth a try because the international pool community is big enough and there’s strong potential waiting 🙂 My point of view has changed in the meantime. In my long-term experience I learned that it is almost impossible to make changes in a single country. At least not the kind of changes that grade up the significance of pool billiards in general. So I had the idea to provide an opportunity for pool enthusiasts around the world to unite and to show their presence. is my contribution to call attention to a broad public, to improve the economics and to make way for the necessary changes.

Why did you call your project ?
Mike Neubert: I chose Global8Ball firstly because when I think pool billiards I think 8-ball, and secondly because I want to reach a big community around the world. Another reason was plain and simple to find an available domain name. And that’s it 😉 „Play our Way“ is the motto of If together we play this way we will be able to change the world of pool billiards!

What do you think when you look at the sport of pool billiards in general and especially in Germany?
Mike Neubert: At this point I would like to thank all those who worked -or still work- voluntarily for the sport of pool billiards. Nevertheless I didn’t notice any changes on the national or international level. This is really regrettable. I have personally experienced how much time and effort young and talented players spent on playing. And although they achieved national and international titles and got supported, in the end they were forced to quit because they couldn’t make a living on it.

What do you reply to people who have doubts about your project?
Mike Neubert: I’d like to refer to the general principle of law according to which doubt benefits to the accused 😉

A price money in the amount of 600.000 USD! Please explain to us why this number is not at all utopian.
Mike Neubert: There are about 50 million pool players around the world – we want 1.048.576 of them to participate!
There are already about 500 million registered pool app users around the world – we only need  1.048.576!
There are about 2.900 million people online worldwide – we need only 1.048.576!
I am sure that there even are 65.536 people who would play 16x for a fee of 28,80 USD 😉

Mike Neubert
Mike Neubert

It is not a new idea to create a business around an online simulation. But you are the first who wants to change the world of pool with your profit. What are you going to do if Global8Ball was a success?
Mike Neubert: If this project is successful, together with my team I will establish a sports agency for pool billiards dedicated to the professional advancement and marketing of and other innovative pool projects. There will be a close cooperation with the WPA & EPBF in terms of finances and organization. If the economic situation is good, we are able to create new programs and structures.

Your project seems to be very professional. There is obviously a lot of work to be done. Please tell us about your team and the greatest challenge you had to pass so far.
Mike Neubert: The Team…

Stephan Barth: 1977
Head of a family from Hannover, loves sport, especially pool, software engineer since 2005, development of web applications, working for projects in the telecommunication industry and in the sector of care.

Anne Lehmann: 1981
Medienwissenschaftlerin (M.A.)
Online copywriting and content writing for blogs, online shops etc.

Christoph Geissler: 1965 
Several years CEO of the International Handball Federation
Experienced in organizing major sport events and conventions
Experienced in marketing and sponsorship
Active member of the working group sport at Transparency International

The greatest challenges:           
Mike Neubert: In August 2015 Stephan had to sustain the grave loss of a close familiy member. This cannot be compared with the difficulties we had in interpreting international tax laws or to find a cost efficient micropayment-system for

It is very likely that the live finals at Zürich will be played by people who never touched a cue before. What is your hunch? Do you believe that some professional players will qualify? What kind of opportunities could arise when there are only beginners at the pool tables?
Mike Neubert: This is not going to happen. There are about 8 weeks between the qualification and the live event. I am absolutely sure that every finalist will train hard during this time, because there is a pretty amount of money involved here. Beginners only? We make sure that lots of different people are coming to the pool tables. This opens up a new kind pf public and publicity for the sport of pool billiards. Dear pro´s and pool players: Yes, I believe in you! I hope that lots of pool players realize the great opportunities in this project and decide to participate.

In the explanation of your project you mention the plan to possibly establish a European Champions League. What precisely do you mean by this?
Mike Neubert: In short…
I would keep the existing and well-tried systems. The EPBF just like the UEFA provides a tournament mode for a potential CL. The qualifications would be organized according on the regulations of the individual countries. Furthermore to make the system more consistent and professional I would propose to even set up a new obligatory standard for the first 3 leagues in all member countries. This would cause unity and equality as well as new structures in some countries and will be a relief to others. It increases the public awareness, the marketing options etc. But the most important aspect to me is to offer an incentive for young talented players.

I don’t want to give precise economic forcasts here, so this is just an example without engagement 😉 35 members of the EPBF x 3 leagues = 105 x 8 teams = 840 x 6 players = 5.040 x 50,00 € entry fee = 252.000,00 € without sponsorship 😉
P.S. What works in Europe can work in Asia,USA, …too.

What would you like to tell your fans and the participants of Global8Ball?       
Mike Neubert: PLAY OUR WAY 🙂


Mike, we believe that is a great opportunity and we wish you all the best! Of course I will play Global8Ball, too. Whether I qualify for the finals or not… see you in Zürich 🙂

I hope we aroused the curiosity of lots of people and pool enthusiasts for Have a good time, enjoy!

Below you find a short overview of all the facts concerning the Global8Ball project. – a short overview

In summer 2016 Mike Neubert and his company 3trip e.K. will launch the project „“ internationally.

The qualifications for is a 100% pool game of skill and takes place online only.

The entry fee will be 1,80 USD payed by credit card. Transaction fees, disagio and taxes are included.

16 finalists will attend a live event.

The finals will be played at real tables and will be a live broadcast – 160min TV format.

There will be a livestream and a video on demand available at an estimated price between 2,00 and 3,00 USD. Our Hosting-Partner will be

I know that there is a big chance having more finals per year.

If we would have an extremely best-case the tournaments would take place every month.

Entry Fee: 1,80 US $

Price Money: 600.000 US $

8-Ball: best of three – 100% game of skill

Round I
65536 tournaments á 16 users (1.048576) online qualifications
The drawing will be done by chance. Best of three. Single elimination.
The winner qualifies automatically for phase II. The loser drops out.

Round II
4096 tournaments á 16 users (65.536) online qualifications
All winners of Phase I are playing against each other as described in Phase I.
The winner qualifies automatically for phase III. The loser drops out.

Round III
256 tournaments á 16 users (4.096) online qualifications
All winners of Phase II are playing against each other as described above.
The winner qualifies automatically for phase IV. The loser drops out.

Round IV
16 tournaments á 16 users (256) online qualifications
All winners of phase III are playing against each other as described above.
The winner qualifies automatically for the Live-Event. The loser drops out.

Live-Event      1 Tournament = 16 player – LIVE – “The Global 8-Ball Show”
The tournament will be played at real tables and will be a live broadcast – 160min TV format
In round I, all users need to choose between version 1 and version 2 by clicking on the button whereby the versions do decide how the prize money will be distributed amongst the users at the live finals.

Version 1:
The Winner takes all
600.000,00 USD* for the winner
Travel, accommodation as well as food & beverage will be organized and paid for all 16 players by the organizer in advance.
*Subject to the Swiss withholding tax.

Version 2:
16 Winners
1. 200.000,00 USD*
2. 100.000.00 USD*
3.-4. 50.000,00 USD*
5.-8. 25.000,00 USD*
9.-16. 12.500,00 USD*

Travel, accomodation as well as food & beverage for all 16 players will be organized and paid by the organizer in advance.
*Subject to the Swiss withholding tax.

Anybody can attend worldwide (minimum age of 18 at live event)

The first live event will take place approx. 8 weeks (visa applications) after finishing the qualifications.

If there are not enough users for the qualifications it will be finished after 6 months and the live event will take place.

The prize money will be distributed percentaged to the gate money.

Economic efficiency – generates funds for the international federations WPA & EPBF. By this means sport events and new programs can be financially supported.
2. Public Relations – has the potential to evoke a new public awareness for the sport of pool.
3. Sponsoring – creates new cooperations with partners from media, commerce and industry.
4. Global8Ball-Show – 1.000.000,00 USD price money.
5. Global8Ball-Show – broadcasted by free livestream.
6. Global8Ball-Show on TV – a slot on TV programme.
7. Sponsorship agreements by to render possible a professional career for young talents
8. Realisation of innovative ideas for pool tournaments to improve the public opinion and to promote the sport of pool billiards.
9. Introduction of continental competitions like a European Champions League.
10. Olympic games 2024 – Start a campaign for the admission of the sport of pool billiards., (Facebook)



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