Junior World Championships down to finals


Junior World Championships down to finals

Team Europe has come up with some quite convincing and successful results. In the girls division, Kristina Tkach (RUS) reached the quarter-finals. There she had to give in to strong playing Jiang Teng (CHN) with 5:9. Tkach committed some unnecessary mistakes and consequently lost the match.

In the U17 division, Daniel Maciol (POL) managed to get revenge from last year’s defeat against defending World Champion Kong de Jing (CHN). Having lost in the same-finals last year, he dethroned Kong this year with a convincing 8:2 victory and proceeded into the final match against Zhen Xiao Huai (CHN) who ousted Kamil Szaszor (POL) by a whisker with 8:7. However, Szaszor achieved a Bonze Medal in the event.

Diana Khodjaeva (BEL) - Photo: Alison Chang
Diana Khodjaeva (BEL) – Photo: Alison Chang

In the U19 division, Europe has another shot at a title. Maksim Dudanets (RUS) booked his seat in the final match against Long Ze Huang (CHN) with a 11:7 result over Lo Ho Sum (HKG). His teammate Kristian Cwikla (POL) had to settle for another Bronze Medal. He lost 5:11 to Huang and could not get into the match at all.

Starting at 11.00 am tomorrow, the first finals match will be;

Daniel Maciol (POL) vs Zheng Xiao Huai (CHN)

Daniel lost his opening match 1/7, but fought his way back through from the loser’s side to gain his spot in the final. His opponent, Zheng Xiao Huai is undefeated so far and is just 14 years old.

Next match scheduled for 1.00 pm start will be the final of the girls.

Xia Yu Ying (CHN) vs Jian Teng (CHN)

Jian Teng is just 15 years old but has quite a deal of experience having competed in some women’s events in China with some success. Her opponent is 16 years old, and has played some women’s events but not enjoyed the same amount of success as Teng. It should be a tough match between two very good Chinese players.

Third session is the final for the U/19 boys

Maksim Dudanets (RUS) vs Long Ze Huang (CHN)

This is a very interesting match as these two boys played each other in their very first match, with Long Ze Huang winning by narrowest of margins, 9/8. This shows that there is not very much between the two and should prove to be a great final to bring the world championship event to a close.

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