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florida_billiards_expo_logo_400pxJanuary 29-31,2016 at the Florida Billiards Expo

The Villages, Florida – Now fans and players can follow updates, photos, and all the info of the upcoming 3rd Annual Florida Billiards Expo on the new website www.FloridaBilliardsExpo.com! A quarter of a century in the making, some of the most legendary stars of the game are reunited for the first time in decades…and fans can join them for a weekend reunion! On January 29-31, 2016 the 3rd Annual Florida Billiards Expo will offer pool fans around the world the Legends of Pool Experience! An escape from the winter cold and a chance to spend 3 days of pool lessons, golf, and meals while getting to know Hall of Famers Buddy Hall, LoreeJon Hasson, Jim Rempe, Joann Mason Parker, Ray Martin, and Ewa Mataya Laurance on a very personal level. The six champions will also for the first time be competing against each other in singles, mixed doubles, and a sizzling special Battle of the Sexes 8-Ball match! The FBE takes place once again in the Villages, Florida. Formerly known as the „Billiards Expo in The Villages“, the Florida Billiards Expo will easily have over 1200+ attendees during the 4 days of the event. Activities include tournaments, the Legends Pro Pool School, Golf Pro-Am, Ladies Wine & Cheese Night, Dinner & Lunch with the Pros, free clinics, and the main event, the Legends of Pool Championship.

Ewa Laurance along with her celebrity golf commentator Mitch Laurance are avid golfers. Which means fans get to experience her skills on two greens! Buddy Hall, Jim Rempe, Joann Mason Parker, Ray Martin, & LoreeJon Hasson will also be on the greens!
Ewa Laurance along with her celebrity golf commentator Mitch Laurance are avid golfers. Which means fans get to experience her skills on two greens! Buddy Hall, Jim Rempe, Joann Mason Parker, Ray Martin, & LoreeJon Hasson will also be on the greens!

„I am amazed at the passion of the game of pool that I’ve seen when I’ve done events at The Villages in the past. I have no doubt this will be another fantastic production, especially now, with Dragon Promotions helping to put it together. Having been a part of the Queens Cup in Manila as the Captain this year, which was produced by DP, I’ve seen first hand how capable and professional they are. Being a part of this legendary group will be a blast, and I know everyone in attendance will not be disappointed“, said Ewa Mataya Laurance, former World #1 & Hall of Famer

The Legends of Pool & The Florida Billiards Expo is sponsored by Fross & Fross Wealth Management, Rasson Billiards, Arden’s Fine Jewelers, Andy Cloth, Quantum Vitality Centers, and Viking Cue. Sponsorships are still available. The events are produced by the Villages Billiards Club and Dragon Promotions. Event marketing and promotions by Orlando Synergy.

„Time to write down every pool question and pool story you ever wanted to ask to Buddy, Ray, Ewa, LoreeJon, Joann, and Rempe. Hanging out and schmoozing, eating dinners with the best in the business. Man, I wouldv’e killed for a chance like this when I was coming up. That’s why we are offering this opportunity to pool fans“, said Charlie Williams.

General admission tickets to watch the Legends of Pool Tournament are available as well as limited VIP.
But the Legends of Pool Experience Package is limited to 30 students. Cost: $925 Value: Priceless


Free admission to visit the vendors, participate in selected clinics and watch the amateurs play! www.FloridaBilliardsExpo.com
VIP tickets for the Legends of Pool are extremely limited and all ticketed pro pool shows have sold out everytime .
General admission tickets are also available at $20 per session. Please visit: thevillagesentertainment.com ; (352) 753-3229 On-line orders and credit cards accepted.

Sponsors are welcomed to contact 407-782-4978 floridabilliardsexpo@gmail.com. All other tickets, Vendors, Pro Pool School, tournament entries and information: (352) 561-4240 floridabilliardsexpo@gmail.com
Visit www.facebook.com/floridabilliardsexpo

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