2016 Longoni Benelux Open – Info & Entry Form

longoni_benelux_open_news((( 2016 LONGONI BENELUX OPEN )))
September 8th – 11th, Rotterdam, Holland
8th Edition | € 10.000+ Guaranteed Prize Fund
+ Ladies Side Event III
+ Juniors Side Event
+ Mosconi Cup Ranking Event
+ Kuwait Open Qualification Event

Dear 10ball enthusiast,

Hereby, I would like to invite you to participate in the 2016 Longoni Benelux Open, 8th edition, and once again, with a € 10.000+ guaranteed prize fund.

For the third year in a row, the event will be hosted by pool and snooker club Thurston Rotterdam: Thursday – Sunday, September 8th – 11th 2016.

The world port of Rotterdam welcomes you to a spectacular weekend of 10ball. The city offers sightseeing, lots of nice restaurants, places to go out and a fun shopping experience. World class pros will attend the Longoni Benelux Open in the annual battle for the prestigious cup, the fame and the prize money. Last years‘ Ladies Side Events were a wonderful addition to the 10ball spectacle. So, it calls for a third edition! Moreover, for the first time, we will host a Juniors Side Event to make this celebration of pool even bigger and better.

To add to the prestige of the Longoni Benelux Open, this year, 2016 Mosconi Cup Ranking Points are to be earned in the Final 32 Stage on Sunday September 11th, during the Main Event. In addition, this year’s Longoni Benelux Open is the EXCLUSIVE European qualification event for two direct entry spots for ‚Stage 2‘ at the 2016 Kuwait Open 9ball Championship. Obviously, the best of the best will be in fierce battle for these high stakes.

So, be part of the action, the excitement and the fun. ENLIST NOW! Enlist for one of the qualification groups and state your preference for a second choice (just in case, your first choice of a qualification group is already full). Also state whether you want to enter for the Kuwait Open qualification spots (additional €150). Reply to this mail, fill in the entry form, below, and send!

The pooltables will be refitted by Serge Das Billiards with pro pockets, Iwan Simonis 860 cloth and new Super Aramith Pro-Cup TV balls. Eightballfactory is the official billiard supplies partner and as in previous years, Haag Cues will set up a shaft maintenance booth for all your needs: new tips, cleaning etc. The Longoni Benelux Open endorses Kamui tips and accessories: go for excellence.

See you in Rotterdam,

Serge Das & Çakti Aswan
Longoni Benelux Open, since 2009

2016_longoni_benelux_open_600px((( Qualification Groups )))
– Thursday September 8th | 19:00 Group A
– Friday September 9th | 11:00 Group B | 15:00 Group C | 19:00 Group D
– Saturday September 10th | 11:00 Group E | 15:00 Group F | 19:00 Group G
– All groups are played at Thurston, Westersingel 20, 3014 GP Rotterdam, Holland
– Report at the tournament director’s desk, ultimately 30 minutes before the start of the group you’ve been enlisted in.

((( Format for Groups A – F )))
– Maximum 32 participants per group.
– First two rounds ‚double knock out‘ and then ’single knock out‘ until the final 4.
– Race to 6, alternate break and with use of magic rack.
– The final 4 players per group advance to the Final 32 main event on Sunday September 11th.

((( Rebuy Option )))
When you’ve been eliminated from your qualification group, you can rebuy a spot in a next qualification group, if there are still open spots available. To rebuy reduced entry fee is applicable.

((( Format for Group G )))
– Only for last chance rebuys!
– Maximum 24 participants
– First two rounds ‚double knock out‘ and then ’single knock out‘ until the final 2.
– Race to 6, alternate break and with use of magic rack.
– Only 2 players advance to the Final 32 main event on Sunday September 11th.

((( Final 32 Main Event )))
– Sunday September 11th | 9:00 | Compulsory Dresscode*
– Double Knock Out until the Final 8, race to 7.
– Single Knock Out from the Final 8, race to 8.
– Alternate break with use of magic rack.
– At Thurston, Westersingel 20, 3014 GP Rotterdam, Holland
* Men: dress pants (no jeans), shirt with collar, leather shoes (no sneakers) | Ladies: elegant attire (no jeans, no sneakers).

There are 7 qualification groups, resulting in 26 (6×4+2) qualifiers. They will join the 6 seeded pros in the Final 32 on Sunday September 11th. The seeded Longoni Benelux Open champions are: the reigning champion Joshua Filler (2015) and the numbers #1 to #5 on the Longoni Benelux Open Ranking, respectively ‚The Terminator‘ Niels Feijen (2014), ‚El Niño‘ Nick van den Berg (2013), Andreas Roschkowsky (2009), ‚Dazzler‘ Daryl Peach (2012) and Serge Das (2010).

((( Ladies Side Event III )))
All ladies who have enlisted for the qualification rounds are invited to play in the Ladies Side Event for FREE, during the Final 32 Main Event, on Sunday September 11th. The dress code is dress elegant (no jeans, no sneakers). It’s a winner takes all side event, with € 200,- prize money. The Ladies Side Event champions are: reigning champion Diana Khodjaeva (2015) and Longoni’s ‚Dark Angel‘ Kamila Khodjaeva (2014). Format:
– Sunday September 11th | start 12:00 noon | check-in ultimately at 11:30.
– Maximum 24 participants.
– First two rounds ‚double knock out‘ and then, ’single knock out‘ until the final, race to 5.
– Alternate break with use of magic rack.
– Dresscode: elegant attire (no jeans, no sneakers)

Ladies who haven’t participated in Longoni Benelux Open qualification rounds can also enlist for €30.

((( Juniors Side Event )))
For the first time, we’re hosting a Juniors Side Event. Thurston Rotterdam has been very generous for us to use ALL tables during the main event. Therefore, we can also host the Junior Side Event. Longoni endorses juniors taking on the game of pool and therefore is more than happy to organise this event and to provide the trophies.
– Sunday September 11th | start 10:00 | check-in ultimately at 9:30.
– Maximum 32 participants under 18 years old.
– First we start in groups, ‚round robin‘, race to 3.
– The best two of each group advance to the single knock out stage,
– Alternate break with use of magic rack.
– Dresscode: not applicable
– Entry fee: not applicable
– There is NO prize money, but there are beautiful trophies for the first 8 and lots of experience to be won.

((( Entry Fees )))
Regular €60/ rebuy €40
Reduced* €40/ rebuy €30
Ladies/ juniors (under 18) €30/ rebuy €20
* members KNBB/ BPBF/ Luxemburg/ Longoni cue owners

((( Entry Form )))
First name:
Family name:
Man/ woman/ junior?:
Member KNBB/ BPBF/ Luxemburg or Longoni cue owner?:
Postal code + city:
Mobile phone number:
1st choice of qualification group*:
2nd choice of qualification group*:
* Group A – F

By returning this entry form you are subject to paying the applicable entry fee.

((( LIVE stream )))
During the event, OrangeForks will stream the matches live from the center court table.

((( € 10.000+ Guaranteed Prize Fund )))
Champion €2.500 | Runner-up €1.500 | 3rd/4th €750 | 5th-8th €400 | 9th-12th €250 | 13th-16th €150 | 17th-24th €100 | 25th-32nd €50 | Best Lady +€100 Bonus | Best Junior +€100 Bonus | Winner Ladies Side Event €200

((( Hotel Accommodation )))
We recommend Hotel One (50 meters from the venue).

((( Partners )))
The 2015 Longoni Benelux Open is brought to you by DASWAN PROMOTIONS in cooperation with
Kamui tips | Iwan Simonis | Aramith| Serge Das Billiards | Eightballfactory | Haag Cues | Thurston Rotterdam | OrangeForks Productions | KNBB | Pool West 3 | Sumo

((( Mosconi Cup Ranking Points )))
The Final 32 of the Longoni Benelux Open are awarded ‚Level Three‘ Mosconi Cup Ranking Points:
The winner, 28 pts
The runner-up 22 pts
Semi finalists, 17 pts
Quarter finalists, 14 pts
9th-12th place, 10 pts
13th-16th place, 7 pts
17th-24th place, 5 pts
25th-32nd place, 3 pts

Please note: the six directly seeded pros in the final 32 are not eligible for the points allocated to 25th-32nd place. They must win at least one match in order to earn points.

kuwait_open_2016_logo_small((( Kuwait Open 9ball Championship Qualifier )))
The Longoni Benelux Open is proud to announce its partnership with the Kuwait Open 9ball Championship. We have signed a five year contract for the Longoni Benelux Open to be the EXCLUSIVE European qualifier for the Kuwait Open 9ball Championship with a MASSIVE $275,000 prize fund.

There are TWO SPOTS (worth $400 each) to be won at the 2016 Longoni Benelux Open for direct entry into Stage 2 of the Kuwait Open 9ball Championship. Moreover, the organisation will reimburse the travel expenses for these two spots, upto $1,000 (respective of invoices for the travel expenses) and the five star hotel accommodation (shared double room) during the event, is taken care of and paid for.

Please note that the Top 24 on the WPA ranking (on September 1st 2016) are allowed direct entry into Stage 2 of the Kuwait Open 9ball Championship. Therefore, they are not eligible for the qualifier spots.

Entry fee: one time €150 (on top of the Longoni Benelux Open entry fee)

* The tournament organization reserves the right to refuse entries. All information may be subject to change.

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