Six medals for European Juniors Team at the Word Championships

The European Juniors just recently competed in Moscow, Russia, for the coveted title in the Girls, Under 17 and Under 19 divisions. Though no gold medal could be won this year, the outcome of six medals in total can be regarded as fairly successful.

In the Under 17’s division, team Europe achieved its best result with Emil Andre Gangfløt from Norway becoming runner-up, winning the silver medal in this age group. That was an overall huge surprise since others were meant to be the favoured players. Gangflot just made the team through a qualifying event. He then played high class pool all through the event and found himself in an unexpected final match where he met Mahkael Parris (USA).  Ganfløt seemed to be vrey nervous in the final and committed too many easy mistakes. He left the 9-ball hanging over the pocket two times. That was easy prey for Parris who resides in US Virgin Islands. The draw in the group was a bit unlucky for Europe. Denis Laszkowski (GER) was drawn against Christoffer Lentz (DEN) which meant that two rays of hope clashed in an early stage. The match went 9:8 in favour of Lentz. The only medal that did not go to team Europe in that round was the gold medal. Christoffer Lentz and Christian Mrva (SVK).

Team Europe Final Results Under 17

Emil Andre Gangfløt NOR – Silver medal

Christoffer Lentz DEN – Bronze medal

Christian Mrva SVK – Bronze medal

Denis Laszkowski GER – 5th

Quinten Pongers NED – 5th

Artem Lukin RUS – 5th

Ivan Galic CRO – 9th

In the Under 19’s division, the level of play was very high. The tournament was determined by a lot of clashed between European players in the early stage of the event. Fedor Gorst (RUS) was sent to the loser’s side by Wiktor Zielinski (POL). Jan van Lierop (NED) was eliminated by Gorst. Then Gorst got ousted by Christian Fraulich (GER). Gorst and Zielinski were definitely two hopes to make it to the final but they did not. Zielinski committed a huge mistake in his semi-final match against Robbie James Joaquin Capito (HKG) when he missed an easy 7-ball. That mistake allowed Capito to come back and runout the rack at hill-hill. Fraulich just got smashed in his semi-final match by later Champion Kin-Ling Yip (HKG).

Team Europe Final Results Under 19

Christian Fraulich GER – Bronze medal

Wiktor Zielinski POL – Bronze medal

Fedor Gorst RUS – 5th

Vladimir Matvienko RUS – 5th

Sanjin Pehlivanovic BIH – 9th

Jan van Lierop NED – 9th

Alen Salic GER – 13th

Vladislav Shopik BLR – 13th

Stanislav Akhtiamov RUS – 17th

Ragnar Ossian Grinsten SWE – 17th

Illia Nekleenov RUS – 17th

Micke Strom FIN – 17th

In the girls division, the Taiwanese Chia-Hua Chen was second to none. She took the title this year. Best European girl was My Nguyen (SWE) who took the Bronze medal. From the European angle, the biggest match was the winner’s qualification match between Nguyen and April Larson (USA) when Nguyen was already trailing 0:4 and 4:6 but still took the match against the US player.

Team Europe Final Results Girls

My Nguyen SWE – Bronze Medal

Daria Siranchuk UKR – 5th

Nina Torvund NOR – 7th

Palina Chernik BLR – 7th

Valeriia Trushevskaia RUS – 9th

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