The 2015 French Open by Predator is the second open organized by with the participation of Predator & the Replay Billard.

The 10 tables are Dynamic II, with Simonis 860 cloth, balls used are Aramith Pro.

The Event duration is 4 day’s.

2 Live Tv table via

A Shuttle is allowed, every 1h30.

No dress-code for the qualifications rounds.

For the final round The dress code is:

Polo or shirt (no T-shirts).
Black or dark pants.
Dress shoes or black sports shoes united. (not runnig shoes, white or light-colored).

Game 9 Ball, Race To 5 on the pre-lims.
Race to 9 on the Final rounds.
Race to 11 on the Final.

We use a magic rack, alternate break, 9 ball on the spot.
Like Eurotour rules.

Entry-Fees :

Direct entries for the final round 100€

Entries for the qualifications rounds :

Men’s 40 / Rebuy 20€

Lady’s & Juniors 30€ / Rebuy 15€

€? For the winner.


Bonus for the best Lady 100€

16 Players max per groups.
48 Players max for direct entries.

For the final event 64 players max.

All details for the final prize fund, hotels and more coming soon…!