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Pool and cue sports faces an ever increasing struggle to survive in todays world among the other sports and activites that are available. Knowing that fact and knowing most of the pool world needs another wave of interest, like that generated by the films, „The Color of Money“ -1986 (shot in my home room of Chris’s Billiards, Chicago) and it’s predecessor, „The Hustler“ -1961. Both films created a wave of interest that propelled the industry and the players for over two decades a piece. However, no one has ever gone into the true world of professional pool and billiards with a camera to capture ephemeral match-ups, banter, and stories, as well capture the pressure and will of those who live by their cues. Starting in 2006, with the legends of Chicago, I found my pool world being thrown into chaos. „Raising the Hustler“ is the feature length documentary about pool, its history, it’s mystique and its players. Currently, we are still in editing and post-production. Editing is not inexpensive and I’ve worked hard and mostly […]


Raising the Hustler

Bereits seit einigen Monaten geistert der Titel „Raising the Hustler“ durch das Internet. Was es damit auf sich hat, kann man den folgenden Zeilen entnehmen. Ich habe Angel Levine (Regisseurin von Raising the Hustler) aus Chicago darum gebeten einige Zeilen für zu schreiben, um uns einen kleinen Einblick in dieses spannende Projekt zu geben. Angel Levine ist in den USA eine der bekanntesten Persönlichkeiten in der Pool Billard Szene und hat in Ihrem Leben viele Events auf der ganzen Welt besucht. Ich bin wirklich sehr gespannt auf diese Dokumentation und kann es kaum erwarten. Im nächsten Jahr soll Raising the Hustler beim Sundance Film Festival vorgestellt werden. Geschrieben von Angel Levine Chicago/USA My name is Angel Levine and I am the director of the documentary „Raising the Hustler“ our documentary on professional pool and billiards. Growing up in Chicago’s most famous rooms with legends of the sport like Billy Incardona, Larry Schwartz, Glenn „Piggy Banks“ Rodgers, and Freddy „the Beard“ Bentivegna, I came to know most every professional player coming through to hone their […]