The 4th Annual 14.1 Straight Pool Hall of Fame

The 4th Annual 14.1 Straight Pool Hall of Fame New York City – Pool fans are invited to have dinner with the world’s greatest players at the 4th Annual 14.1 Straight Pool Hall of Fame Banquet. The special event takes place at 7:30pm on August 6th, 2014 at Steinway Billiards Cafe during the 74th World Tournament of 14.1. It will be a star studded gala with billiard super stars such as Mika Immonen, Shane Van Boening, John Schmidt, Stephan Cohen, Johnny Archer, Darren Appleton & many more with Charlie Williams as the event MC. The World Tournament takes place on August 4th-9th and is sponsored by Andy Cloth, Kamui Brands, OB Cues, Amsterdam Billiard Club,, and Pool & Billiard Magazine. Official patron 14.1 aficionados are Stu Mattana, Tom Gleich, Harold Siegel. The 14.1 Hall of Fame Banquet is presented by Dr. Michael Fedak and produced by Dragon Promotions. „Every year the Straight Pool Hall of Fame sells out with over a hundred people attending. It’s a classy, entertaining, and emotional celebration of the greats […]


Hohmann, Strickland, Schmidt Take Losses

… Surprises on Day 1 Olhausen World Tournament 14.1 New York, New York –  Reigning World Tournament of 14.1 Champion John „Mr.400“ Schmidt and recent Accu-Stats Fan Pick 14.1 Tourny both had surprise losses on Day 1. House pro Earl Strickland also took two losses. The Olhausen World Tournament of 14.1 kicked off today with all 48 players battling in the round robin stage. Dragon Promotions and Dr. Michael Fedak have brought another globally star studded field at this year’s 73rd Olhausen World Tournament hosted by Steinway Billiards in New York on August 19th-24th,2013.  Live stream broadcast will be on    Earl Strickland had an error filled match which local NYC player Michael Yednak took full advanatge in his 100 to 49 win over the 5x US Open Champion. Yednak has participated each year in the World Tournament but has yet to qualify through the group stages. He has two wins and 1 loss to Corey Deuel so this could be his year to improve. Earl then went onto play Deuel in the TV stream match which […]


Oliver Ortmann Inducted into the Straight Pool Hall of Fame

Gene Nagy Honorary Induction New York City, New York-  One of the most decorated European players in the history of pocket billiards will finally be inducted into a Hall of Fame this year. Germany’s Oliver Ortmann will be inducted to the Straight Pool Hall of Fame along with New York City’s legendary Gene Nagy. The banquet will be held at Steinway Billiards on August 21, 2013 in the middle portion of the 73rd Olhausen World Tournament. The world’s oldest pool tournament, the Olhausen 73rd World Tournament of 14.1 is produced by Dragon Promotions and Dr. Michael Fedak which will bring another globally star studded field at this year’s show in New York on August 19th-24th,2013.  Through additional support from such sponsors such as Olhausen Tables, Championship Cloth, Aramith Balls, Amsterdam Billiards, Pool & Billiard Magazine, Master Chalk, and FURY Cues, the absolute best pool players from around the world will arrive on the birth country of 14.1 once more to attend this prestigious event. All to vie for the coveted title of greatest straight pool […]