„This is all just insane!“ – Filler wins China Open


„This is all just insane!“ – Filler wins China Open

German young gun Joshua Filler has just taken the coveted title at the China Open 2017 in Shanghai. The 19-year-old kid ousted an impressive list of big names in the World of Pool to finally eliminate Jung-Lin Chang (TPE) in the final match.

„When I went to China“, stated Filler, „my goal was making it through the group stages. I thought that the field was stronger than in a World Championship and the equipment we play on gives an advantage to the Chinese players since they are used to it.“ „I felt good from the start. I really enjoyed the tournament and when I made it through my group, my next goal was the semi-final.“ „I was not very nervous but I knew at all times that I would need some luck to make it to the next round. The closest match was against Francisco Sanchez-Ruiz (ESP), where both of us would have deserved to go through but luck was on my side“, added a modest Filler.

Filler winning the China Open 2017 – © Alison Chang 2017

The next match he was up against Dutch rising star Marco Teutscher. „That match was a fierce fight“, stated Filler, „we both made several mistakes in the match. When I was 8:7 up, he scratched and that gave me the opportunity to get away from him with two racks. In the end, I took the match 11:8 against Marco“.

„My next opponent was World 9-Ball Champion Albin Ouschan (AUT). I was really looking forward for that one. I had a good start and went ahead 3:0 but then I committed a silly mistake and went down 3:4. I was mad with myself so I decided to fight for my dream. The match continued like a dream for me and I was able to win eight racks in a row, winning the match 11:4 over Ouschan“.

„It was unbelievable! I made the semi-final of the China Open“, stated Filler. „My fiancé Pia gave me a lot of faith and strength and she helped me through the tournament.“ „The semi-final against Thorsten Hohmann (GER) was easier than expected since his break shot did not come at all. Suddenly, I was in the final match and that’s when I realised that I could win tis event!“

„In the final match against Chang I needed to double my efforts in order to have a chance. I found a really good rhythm and made use of every mistake of my opponent.“ „When I pocketed the final 9-ball, my heart jumped out of my chest and I really freaked out! My fiancé came into the arena and gave me a hug and I could not believe what I had just achieved. This is all just insane,“ mentioned Filler with a smile on his face.

Filler is now the youngest player ever to win the China Open. Before him it was Albin Ouschan who took the title in 2015 at 24 years of age. Filler is 19 years old and will definitely have a golden future in our sports.

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