Date Change: 75th World Tournament of 14.1 on July 13th-19th

DATE CHANGE: JULY 13th-19th,2015 will be the new firm dates for the 75th World Tournament of 14.1! Apologies, it’s adjusted one week as China Open was announced after our event announcement. OUr new dates makes it much easier for the pro players to travel comfortably and not be affected by jetlag. This World 14.1 ONE day has been added as only the FINALS will be played on Sunday! 7 days of world class straight pool at Steinway Cafe-Billiards. Dragon Promotions is pleased to announce the 10th consecutive year that the world’s oldest billiard event will be produced. The 75th World Tournament of 14.1 will take place for the third straight year at Steinway Billiards in New York City. We still need your help to keep the 103 year old tradition & the 5th Straight Pool Hall of Fame . For $250, Please become one of the 141 special people joining the 141 Club which will fund this year’s events. The list of benefits & gifts are huge. Become a proud sponsor of the most prestigious […]