Interview with the Deurne City Classic team!

From 16th to 19th June 2016 one of the most exciting pool billiard events in Europe will take place in Deurne/Netherlands, the Deurne City Classic 2016. This will be the fourth edition of this event. During the last few years it got a lot of pool billiard fans and players talking. As the name might suggest, it is the counterpart of the famous Derby City Classic in the USA. The Derby City Classics, which takes place in January, features a lot of different events and one main big event. Apart from the tournaments organized by Matchroom such as the Mosconi Cup or the World Cup of Pool the Derby City Classic is seen as the most spectacular Pool event worldwide. Just like in the USA the Deurne City Classic features a lot of different events over the course of four days with about 300 players. These events include the 9-ball main event for 224 players and several side events such as a 14.1 shoot-out contest, a bank-pool and a one pocket contest. And this year […]