2016 Longoni Benelux Open – Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship QUALIFIER


Exactly 3 Weeks Until the 2016 Longoni Benelux Open

2 Spots For The Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship

On Thursday September 8th, the 8th Edition of the Longoni Benelux Open kicks off with qualification rounds. Players from 21+ nations will battle for the 32 spots in the main event. But not only that! The 2016 Longoni Benelux Open is also a 2016 Mosconi Cup Team Europe Ranking Event. Moreover, the 2016 Longoni Benelux Open is the official 2016 Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship.


We have signed a five year contract for the Longoni Benelux Open to be the EXCLUSIVE European qualifier for the Kuwait Open 9ball Championship with a MASSIVE $275,000 prize fund.

There are TWO SPOTS (worth $400 each) to be won at the 2016 Longoni Benelux Open for direct entry into Stage 2 of the Kuwait Open 9ball Championship. Moreover, the organisation will reimburse the travel expenses for these two spots, upto $1,000 (respective of invoices for the travel expenses) and the five star hotel accommodation (shared double room) during the event, is taken care of and paid for.

Please note that the Top 24 on the WPA ranking (on September 1st 2016) are allowed direct entry into Stage 2 of the Kuwait Open 9ball Championship. Therefore, they are not eligible for the qualifier spots.

Entry fee: one time €150 (on top of the Longoni Benelux Open entry fee)

* In the end, when more than two players are tied, a play off will determine who will take the top 2 spots.

ENLIST NOW via beneluxopen@gmail.com to participate in the 2016 Longoni Benelux Open and indicate whether you’d like to enter the Kuwait Open 9-Ball Championship Qualifier.


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