Vote for EPBF Youth Player of the Year is open


Vote for EPBF Youth Player of the Year is open

Starting today, fans can vote for their favourite player in the youth division to conquer the coveted title of EPBF Youth Player of the Year 2016.
Five candidates have been nominated for the title:

Left to right: Dudanets, Zielinski, Tkach, Pehlivanovic and Hofmann

Sanjin Pehlivanovic
The youngster from Bosnia & Hercegovina has won EC Champion titles in 8-ball and 10-ball in the Under 17 last year. He also took the Bronze Medal in Straight Pool. Furthermore, he achieved a 3rd place finish in the WPA World Youth Championships.

Maxim Dudanets
Russia’s Maxim Dudanets took the 3rd place in the WPA World Youth Championship Under 19 and became European 10-ball Champion Under 19. Additionally, he finished 2nd in 9-ball and Straight Pool.

Kristina Tkach
The young girl from Russian is a very talented and uprising player who also already earns her merits in the women’s division. Last year, she collected the 8-ball, 9-ball and 10-ball title in the girls division. She added a women’s title in 8-ball to her list and also took three victories in the women’s Euro-Tour in 2016 which took her to the top of the women’s ranking in Europe.

Wiktor Zielinski
Wiktor Zielinski from Poland was last year’s European Champion Under 17 in 9-ball and Straight Pool. He became 3rd in the World Youth Championships Under 17 and was the best ranked youth player in the European Men’s Euro-Tour ranking (26th).

Patrick Hofmann
Germany’s Patrick Hofmann was by far the biggest surprise players in last year’s European Youth Championships in Tirana. He collected titles in the Under 19 in Straight Pool, 8-ball and 9-ball and also finished 3rd place in the World Championships Under 19.

The public vote is held on facebook and can be found here:

Voting on facebook started today and will finish on July 25th, 2017. The votes from the fans will be counted and form one of three categories. The second voting category are the member federation and the third voting category are EPBF Board members, sponsors and officials. The three categories will each be counted individually and the overall winner will be presented with the title and a trophy during this year’s EPBF European Championships Youth in Leende, The Netherlands.

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