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Checkbilliard revolutionizes personalized billiard training

Salzburg, Jan. 2015 – The personal billiards trainer in your pocket! The world-renowned player and coach Ralph Eckert and Checkbilliard Ltd., have successfully implemented their innovative and original vision of a training system for billiards.  After over three years of development, SpryFlash Interactive Services and Checkbilliard have teamed up to provide this billiards training app, offering hundreds of exercises, a vast video library, combined with numerous tests and personal analyses.   Beginners, intermediate and advanced players can gain valuable tips from world-class and professional players, like Ralf Souquet.  Checkbilliard  is the only training system recommended by the World Pool-Billiard Association (WPA) and the European Federation (EPBF).  Effective immediately, billiards enthusiasts can get all the information about the app on and can download the app, which works on smartphones and tablets, for free. Ralph Eckert, with his decades of experience as a top billiards trainer, professional player and author, states, „Perseverance, ambition and discipline lead to nothing if you have no compass“.  Checkbilliard represents this “compass”, building off of the world-renowned PAT training books, and providing […]