Van Boening scores second consecutive US Open 10-Ball Title

CueSports International, Henderson, NV (July 19, 2017) — Shane Van Boening once again proved to be an indomitable force as he plowed through a tough international field to capture his second consecutive US Open 10-Ball Title. Van Boening said his hard work in preparing for the tournament, which was a much different format than last year’s. This year, CueSports International, which produces the US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championships, returned the prestigious tournament to 9-foot tables. This year’s field was packed with international stars, including players from Greece, Germany, Qatar, Poland, Austria, Kuwait, and, as always, the Philippines. “My hard work, my breaks, helped me succeed to win in this very tough field,” Van Boening said. Van Boening was undefeated going into the finals. He posted wins over: Danny Stone, 9-4; Vinnie Calabrese, 9-4; Ralf Souquet, 9-6; Lee Van Corteza, 9-7; and Warren Kiamco, 9-4. He beat Kiamco 11-5 in the finals. Kiamco’s beat Molrudee Kasemchaiyanan, 9-1, Denis Grabe, 9-7, Vilmos Foldes, 9-8, and Alex Pagulayan, 9-3, before losing to Van Boening, 4-9. […]


US Open 10-field whittled to final 16

CueSports International, Henderson, NV (July 19, 2017) — Only four remain undefeated at the 2017 US Open 10-Ball Championship. Shane Van Boening is the sole US player still on the A side of the bracket as the final day of the tournament begins. He is joined by Philippine players Lee Vann Corteza, Warren KIamco and Canadian Alex Pagulayan. Several tournament favorites were ousted during the second day of play, including Mika Immonen, Dennis Orcollo, Thorsten Hohmann and Billy Thorpe. After losing his first match to Pagulayan, Corey Deuel has torn an impressive path through the loser’s bracket, beating Sayeem Hossain, John Schmidt, Immonen, Vilmos Foldes and Orcollo. He faces Justin Bergman at 9 a.m. Las Vegas native Max Eberle has also had a remarkable journey. Eberle sent Francisco Bustamante to the loser’s bracket in the first round, then beat Sina Valizadeh before losing to Karl Boyes. Then Eberle ejected Oscar Dominguez, Billy Thorpe and Alex Kazakis from the tournament. He faces Ralf Souquet at 9 a.m. Streaming continues Wednesday from 9 a.m. through the finals, […]


Van Boening, Woodward meet in third round of US Open 10-Ball Championships

CueSports International, Henderson, NV (July 16, 2017) — The top 16-seeding of the US Open 10-Ball Championships has led to a lot of great matches schedules for the second day of action at the $10,000-added tournament. With a 64-player field deep in talent, it wasn’t surprising to see a number of big names sent to the loser’s side of the bracket, including Rodney Morris, who lost to Billy Thorpe in the second round of play, and Francisco Bustamante, who lost a nail-biting, hill-hill match to Max Eberle. Streaming continues Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. PST. Today’s streaming matches include Thorsten Hohmann vs. Dennis Grabe at 11 a.m.; Jason Klatt vs. Chris Robinson at 1 p.m.; and Shane Van Boening vs. Skyler Woodward at 3 p.m. The 2017 US Open 10-Ball Championship takes place through July 19 at Griff’s, at 3650 South Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas. It will be followed by the US Open 8-Ball Championships July 29-31. Purchase the live stream package for both events for less than $9 per day! PPV […]


US Open 10 Ball & 8 Ball Championships 2017

Shane Van Boening (USA) gewinnt US Open 10 Ball Championship 2017 im Finale gegen Warren Kiamco (PHI) mit 11-5. Den 3. Platz belegt Roberto Gomez (PHI). Alex Pagulayan (CAN) gewinnt US Open 8 Ball Championship 2017 im Finale gegen Shane Van Boening (USA) mit 10-9. Den 3. Platz belegt Dennis Orcollo (PHI). Ab dem kommenden Montag, den 17. Juli 2017 finden in Las Vegas die US Open 10 Ball Championship statt. Bis zum darauffolgenden Mittwoch, den 19. Juli 2017 werden viele internationale Top-Spieler um ein Preisgeld von ca. 85.000$ spielen. Im letzten Jahr wurden diese Wettbewerbe noch auf sogenannten Bar Tables (7 Fuß) ausgetragen. Die „kleinen“ Tische sind in den USA sehr beliebt, allerdings kann man z.B. in Europa mit dieser Tischgröße nicht viel anfangen. Dadurch sind die US Open 8 Ball und 10 Ball im Jahr 2016 ein wenig untergegangen. In diesem Jahr hat der Veranstalter CueSports International beschlossen während der laufenden nationalen US Meisterschaft wieder auf die 9 Fuß Tische zu wechseln. Eine gute Entscheidung wie wir finden. Die US Open 8 Ball […]


US Open 10-Ball full, Seeded Players Announced

US Open 10-Ball Full, Seeded Players Announced CueSports International, Henderson, NV (July 13, 2017) — The field is full and entries are now closed for the US Open 10-Ball Championships, which begin Monday, July 17 at Griff’s in Las Vegas. The top 16 players, who are rated by FargoRate, will be seeded in the 64-player bracket as follows: 1. Shane Van Boening, South Dakota 821 2. Dennis Orcollo, Philippines 814 3. Alex Pagulayan, Canada 802 4. Lee Vann Corteza, Philippines 799 5. Justin Bergman, Illinios 798 6. Francisco Bustamante, Philippines 797 7. Vilmos Foldes, Hungary 790 8. Ralf Souquet, Germany 790 9. Mika Immonen, Finland 789 10. Warren Kiamco, Philippines 786 11. Karl Boyes, Great Britain 786 12. Alex Kazakis, Greece 785 13. Thorsten Hohmann, Germany 783 14. Rodney Morris, California 783 15. Mario He, Austria 781 16. Skyler Woodward, Kentucky 781 The 2017 US Open 10-Ball Championship will be played July 17-19 at Griff’s, the beautiful new pool room opened by Mark Griffin last October, at 3650 South Decatur Blvd. in Las Vegas. It […]


US Opens back on 9-foot tables!

US Open 10-Ball and 8-Ball Championships Return to 9-Foot Tables CueSports International, Henderson, NV (Feb. 7, 2017) – CueSports International (CSI) is excited to announce several major changes to the 2017 US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championships. The events will flank the 2017 BCAPL National Championships, which will be July 19-29 at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, NV. The US Open 10-Ball Championship will be July 17-19 and the US Open 8-Ball Championship will be July 29-31. This gives US Open players the opportunity to also compete in three BCAPL events: the 9-Ball Challenge, July 20-21; the 10-Ball Challenge, July 22-24; and the 8-Ball Challenge, July 25-27 – each played on 7-foot tables. Played on 9-Foot Diamond Tables at Griff’s Las Vegas! The opening of Griff’s, a beautiful new Las Vegas pool room owned by CSI founder Mark Griffin, allows CSI to return the US Open 10-Ball and US Open 8-Ball Championships to 9-foot Diamond tables. When asked about the change, CSI Manager Ozzy Reynolds said, “The cost of […]