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6th September – 2013 Mosconi Cup

Shane: ‘We can win!’

REIGNING US OPEN champion Shane Van Boening becomes the second member of Team USA as they attempt to regain the coveted Mosconi Cup when Europe and America meet for the 20th occasion at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas  from 2nd to 5th December.

It will be the South Dakota Kid’s seventh appearance in the highly anticipated Ryder Cup of pool and he will be looking to improve on his 48% win record and help boost his team to glory. Van Boening is currently sixth on the all-time American list, and given his high-level consistency, it’s a statistic he’s sure to improve upon.

Shane Van Boening (USA)
Shane Van Boening (USA)

“Of course, it’s a tremendous honour to be representing the USA and the sport of pool for seven straight years on the Mosconi Cup team,” he said.

“My family is very proud of me and I can’t wait for it all to get underway this December in Vegas.

“This year I believe that we have a real chance of winning. After a run of defeats, I know the players on the US team, whoever they will be, will be looking to show the world that we can be Mosconi Cup winners.”

Van Boening, who joins player/captain Johnny Archer in the line-up, has been on the winning side just once in his previous six appearances and will be as keen as anyone to once again experience the glory of winning the Mosconi Cup, particularly in front of his own fans.

“It’s always a tough event with non-stop pressure for four days but if we try to work as team and have fun I know that we can be victorious.”

Shane Van Boening (USA) & Ralf Souquet (GER)

“I think when I won the last game in 2009 against a strong player like Ralf Souquet to win the Cup, has been my standout memory. Hopefully, though that will be superseded by what happens this year!” he said.

The Mosconi Cup takes place at the Mirage Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas from Monday 2nd to Thursday 5th December and features two five-man teams representing the USA and Europe.

The Europeans are the defending champions, having won 11-9 in London last December, their fifth win in six years.

Tickets are available from (Search ‘Mosconi Cup’) or directly from the Mirage on (+1) 702 792 7777 or 1-800-963-9634.

*This is the fourth of 11 announcements naming the two 2013 Mosconi Cup teams.

The 2013 Mosconi Cup is delighted to work with our valued suppliers –Diamond: Official Table; Iwan Simonis: Official Cloth; Aramith: Official Balls and Predator: Official Cue.

Luke Riches, Matchroom Sport: 

Notes: Matchroom Sport are one of the world’s leading producers of televised sport and are responsible for over 1,000 hours of original programming across a range of sports. Based in the UK and chaired by charismatic founder Barry Hearn, the Mosconi Cup is one of a stable of pool events that include the World Pool Masters and the World Cup of Pool.

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