DCC 2016 Livestream and Dress Code Details

12/06/2016 DCC 2016 Livestream and Dress Code Details – LIVE STREAMING by OrangeForks Productions These guys are just awesome… Already set up everything and testing the stream during the Dutch Team Cup Finals.. At DCC they’ll be running 4 dedicated FREE Live Streams; One of these live streams will feature 4!! angles. This will be called the „TV Table“ and will be set up in the arena on a 9-foot table. One more 9-foot table will feature a single angle stream. The 10-foot table (also set up as an arena) will have it’s own dedicated single-angle live stream. The very exciting 2016 DCC – Loontjens 14.1 Shootout event will be live streamed whenever possible and within the given timetables. The streaming will start on Friday June 17th. Featuring matches from the 9-Ball MAIN-EVENT, the ONE POCKET and 10foot 10-Ball Invitational (very exciting).. DCC teams up with only the best in the business and because of the highly experienced Orangeforks team we can assure viewers of a very professional and smooth viewing experience! Selected matches will […]


Deurne City Classic 2016

Jayson Shaw (SCO) gewinnt Deurne City Classic 2016 im Finale gegen Niels Feijen (NED) mit 9-7. Den 3. Platz belegen Karl Boyes (GBR) und Mark Gray (GBR). Die Ergebnisse der Side-Events gibt es weiter unten. In der nächsten Woche findet eines der wenigen Mosconi Cup Ranking Events in Europa statt. Es ist natürlich eine besondere Ehre für dieses Turnier, und seine Veranstalter in die Riege der Mosconi Cup Ranking Events aufzusteigen. Viele Teilnehmer werden hier wichtige Punkte sammeln können, um im kommenden Dezember teil des europäischen Mosconi Teams zu sein. Das aktuelle Ranking findet man unter folgendem Link – > Mosconi Cup Ranking Europa. Vom kommenden Donnerstag, den 16. Juni bis zum 19. Juni 2016 wird in Deurne die 4. Ausgabe des Deurne City Classic ausgetragen. Dieses Pool Billard Turnier wurde inspiriert von einem großen Vorbild aus den USA, dem Derby City Classic. Über vier Tage werden etliche internationale Top-Stars der Szene im sehr schönen Ames in Deurne um ein Gesamtpreisgeld von mehr als 13.000 Euro spielen. Neben dem großen 9 Ball Turnier mit 224 […]


The 2016 DCC Gabriels 10foot ‚SENTINEL‘ 10-Ball Invitational Field has been closed!

09/06/2016 The 2016 DCC Gabriels 10foot ‚SENTINEL‘ 10-Ball Invitational Field has been closed! After long deliberation between the DCC Team-Members and Sponsors the following players are invited and will be competing in this New Hi-Stakes Event: #1. Niels ‚The Terminator‘ Feijen (Official) #2. Jayson „Eagle Eye“ Shaw #3. Mark „Granite“ Gray #4. Nikos „Spartacus“ Ekonomopoulos #5. Mika „The Iceman“ Immonen #6. Karl „Guapo“ Boyes #7. Joshua „Joshi“ Filler #8. Ruslan „The Siberian Express“ Chinahov #9. Nick „El Niño“ van den Berg #10. Oliver „the Machine“ Ortmann (Official) #11. Daryl „The Dazzler“ Peach #12. Imran „The Maharaja“ Majid #13. Marco Teutscher #14. Nick Malaj #15. Marc Bijsterbosch #16. Alex Montpellier Deurne City Classic; Harry Charalampidis, Martin Sawicki, Gino De Ruyter & Gabriels Billiards would like to thank you all for participating.. All selected players will receive a confirmation email with payments details to secure their spot. – Team DCC Photo by JP Parmentier | JP Parmentier Photo & Graphics Design by Martin Sawicki WWW.DEURNECITYCLASSIC.COM


Last minute update of the 4th Annual Deurne City Classic

07/06/2016 Last minute update of the 4th Annual Deurne City Classic Just over a week to GO and therefore we wanted to inform you of the following.. First things first.. to register for the 2016 DCC, the place to be is still: WWW.DEURNECITYCLASSIC.COM or via the sign-up option on FB: Here you will find detailed info about each discipline and when it will take place. You can sign up by following the instructions on the website. If you have any questions concerning the tournament, payments and other details, feel free to contact us through the contact option supplied on the website or leave a message here on Facebook. – SOME OVERALL FIELD INFO As you all probably noticed DCC is becoming one of the highlights of the year on the pool calendar in Europe. This year we have a field that is hard to match by any standard. Players like Niels Feijen, Ruslan Chinahov Jayson Shaw, Nick van den Berg, Karl Boyes, Nick Ekonomopoulos, Ralf Souquet, Mark Gray, Stephan Cohen, Oliver Ortmann, Imran Majid […]


Interview with the Deurne City Classic team!

From 16th to 19th June 2016 one of the most exciting pool billiard events in Europe will take place in Deurne/Netherlands, the Deurne City Classic 2016. This will be the fourth edition of this event. During the last few years it got a lot of pool billiard fans and players talking. As the name might suggest, it is the counterpart of the famous Derby City Classic in the USA. The Derby City Classics, which takes place in January, features a lot of different events and one main big event. Apart from the tournaments organized by Matchroom such as the Mosconi Cup or the World Cup of Pool the Derby City Classic is seen as the most spectacular Pool event worldwide. Just like in the USA the Deurne City Classic features a lot of different events over the course of four days with about 300 players. These events include the 9-ball main event for 224 players and several side events such as a 14.1 shoot-out contest, a bank-pool and a one pocket contest. And this year […]


Register for the 4th Annual Deurne City Classic Now!

Website Online! We are proud to announce the 4th Annual 2016 DEURNE CITY CLASSIC® to be held in the Netherlands at Ames Deurne. The 2016 edition will take place from June 16th to June 19th. For the first time this event will be part of the Mosconi Cup Ranking. Points will be allocated for the Predator 9-Ball Main event. For more details about the Mosconi Cup, how their ranking system works and where the other tournaments will take place, click here. The event is spread-out over 4 days, including: • Main Event 9-Ball • One-Pocket • Bankpool 9-Ball • 10 Foot Challenge • 14.1 Shootout • Ring-Games 10-Ball & Bankpool Viste the website here. Predator Cues || Cheqio || Kamui Brand || Gabriels Billiards || Aramith || Clash Billards || Iwan Simonis Billiards || Loontjens Biljarts || Serge Das billiards || OrangeForks Productions All you need to know! This year’s Deurne City Classic will take place over a period of four days, guaranteeing action on every day. All tables (22 Clash Competition II) will be […]